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Yet another post about stress and work related depression... :down: I burned out on bedside nursing and now I am burning out in my new non bedside position. I feel trapped in my job. I am the sole breadwinner, and my family... Read More

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    I have recently been offered and accepted a position in a medical office that pays the same as the hospital offer I was given around the same time. Though I will work part time 8 hr days w/no benefits, this medical office position is close to home, every seems like they will be good to work with, there is no weekends/holidays/call/nights and while the excitement of some of the hospital units won't be in this position, I don't care. I would rather, at this time in my life anyway, hit this pace instead of 12 hr shifts plus the hour drive etc. I cannot begin to express the relief I felt when this position came through and I no longer was looking at the hospital path. As has been pointed out many, many times on here, healthcare/hospitals/nursing have changed SO much - esp. in the last 10 yrs or so that its no wonder nurses are wanting out so much earlier in their careers. While I still have anxiety/depression issues I can honestly say a fair amount has gone since this career change has gone through. It seems a lot of what nurses are posting on this thread re: feeling overwhelmed, etc. is more job related than personal. I don't have answers or advice really other than to say if your job is really more than 50% of what you are stressing/anxious about please do not stop looking for something else - it will be worth the effort in the long run.
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