If you could do it over again, would you still have gone into nursing?

  1. 2 My short answer is no. A little background. I've been a nurse for 17 years. Before that, a CNA for 10 years. It's all I really know since finishing high school. I've seen a few changes since I first started. Patients are sicker. Hospitals only think of the bottom line. Nurses aren't valued but are instead a bothersome "expense". My years in med/ surg and tele have made me nervous, OCD, PTSD, depressed, IBS, among other things. I can't believe some of the horrific stress I've had to deal with. I now have a "cushy" RN job in periop, but now the push is make us pre-op nurses learn pacu nursing even though I have no critical care in my background. I have 15 years or so before I can retire. I just wanted to go out gently, but now it sounds like the horrific stress is coming back unless I get into a different kind of nursing. I've come to the conclusion there IS no better nursing and that it all sucks. I've warned others ( friends, family) to not go into nursing. Nurses seem to have little say in how we are treated. We are still a "profession" that needs a lot more growing up.

    Whew! Feels good just to write it all down. Ok, go ahead and start chastising me, flaming me, telling me "you just have to find the right job", nursing has been good to me, I get a warm feeling when I touch someone's life blah blah....
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    In short...No. If I knew then what I know now, absolutely not. However, I am a good nurse and feel great satisfaction when just one elderly person tells me I have made their lives better just by listening and taking the time to care. It's those times that make me glad I do what I do. I have great love and compassion for our elderly population and know in my heart that is what God has called me to do, so I will stick with it.
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    When I have days like today---it was so stressful that I had to take half an Ativan tablet to get through it---I wonder how many more years I'll be able to do this. But then I look around at my residents and co-workers, most of whom I adore, and I realize how lucky I am to be in this profession.
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    It'd good to know I'm not the only one. This past summer I left the hospital setting for homecare. I was hoping it would be different and that I'd actually get to spend time with my patients and do more than just check tasks off my list. I was wrong and I'm more stressed no than before. Any suggestions??
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    hi there
    i am a nursing student (but still having doubts and re-considering the profession...), would you mind sharing or PM me your nursing experience.. ie. what is homecare and what exactly do you do?
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    When I have days like today---it was so stressful that I had to take half an Ativan tablet to get through it---I wonder how many more years I'll be able to do this. But then I look around at my residents and co-workers, most of whom I adore, and I realize how lucky I am to be in this profession.
    That's good for you! I don't believe in god.
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    Quote from jay65

    That's good for you! I don't believe in god.
    This was I'm response to LTCNS
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    Yes!!! Best move I ever made.
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    I find myself asking that question, too! I'm honestly not sure. I've only been a nurse for about 2 years now, and going into work stresses me out so much! I mean, there is the occasional good shift where I'm not running around like crazy and manage to make all three of my breaks, but for the most part, most shifts end with me being totally drained.

    I do like many aspects of my job - being able to talk with my patients, saving lives, the shift work (I'm not ready for a Mon-Fri job!), my awesome co-workers, and the pay isn't half bad either - but I dislike many aspects of my job, too - the stress, the physical exhaustion, the emotional exhaustion, the injuries, the people who are never happy no matter what you do, getting yelled at by people, the constant addition of duties, the paper work...

    But, from what I hear from people in other careers, the pastures elsewhere may not be greener. Really, I have only ever worked part-time jobs as a student before I went into nursing, but nursing isn't my most hated job so far (that goes to working at an amusement park, making fast food - awful hours, awful working conditions, mean managers, unbearable heat while standing next to giant boiling oil vats or large grills, a few idiot customers). Still, bed nursing is far from an ideal job and I don't foresee sticking around for a very long time. I'll probably stay within nursing itself, but perhaps doing other nursing things, like research or education (once I can motivate myself enough to get my Master's).
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    Not without going straight into a MSN or NP otherwise nope, no way, nada...
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    Nope, would have gone into medical school, suffered through residency, work GP, make just as much money, then kill myself from the resulting debt.

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    If I had to do it all over again,, I'd be a pharmacist. Clean job, better money. I like chemistry, biosciences, pharmacokinetics, etc.

    I'm just sorry I never changed midstream years ago when I saw nsg going down the tubes.
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    No. I want to do something else but I can't figure it out. 7 years and while it's been interesting, it hasn't been a happy 7 years. I'm ready to quit, but have no other means of making the money I do now.
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