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I had three admissions coming and the MD on the floor. I had four discharges to get ready for later in the week, two drug seeking elders in pain with behaviors, one LPN write up to finish and had just secured ten minutes to eat... Read More

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    Someone who's (professionally) direct and doesn't play games baffles a lot of people.

    I have similar experiences.

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    I just have no patience for any of that. The drama, politics, micromanagement. My directness puts off a lot of people. They don't know what to say and become defensive. I don't sugar coat, I just say what I see. I lay out my expectations. I am respectful with everyone- until this happened. The BS doesn't work with me. I've said what's on my mind, and it wasn't well received at all. One of those things was that i feel I was hired to manage, but then not allowed to have any control on my unit. The same ADON has, in the past, come down to my unit and held meetings with my nurses and aides while I was out, instead of speaking with me about any of her ideas and concerns first and letting me handle it. And yet she swears she is not micromanaging. I like this facility and the administrator, but I enjoy nothing about working in this nursing department. Moving to MDS (I'm an AANAC RAC-CT) will give me room to breathe. Otherwise, I may end up bucking the system as much as possible and making things worse.

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