Exercising with a nurses schedule

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    I am/was a marathon runner prior to graduating. Now with my schedule I cant run on my work days and I am too tired on my few days off. What are those of you that regularly exercise doing?? I need to get this turned around. I keep gaining weight BOO!

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    Take a look at exercise dvds, there are so many available and
    they can keep you in shape until you have time to run again.

    I use many dvds by Gilad (Bodies in Motion with Gilad). His Express workout dvd gives you many options as the segments are about 10
    minutes and there are 2 dvds (60 minutes on each dvd) in the set.

    You can see a breakdown of the exercises and video clips on his site.

    I also use dvds from Nia dance for a cardio workout and Zumba.

    Nursing school is very stressful, don't forget to make healthy choices for meals,

    takeout food and hospital food will pack on the weight...
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    Quote from main
    I am/was a marathon runner prior to graduating. Now with my schedule I cant run on my work days and I am too tired on my few days off. What are those of you that regularly exercise doing?? I need to get this turned around. I keep gaining weight BOO!
    I use her: http://blogilates.com/. She is AMAZING, all of her workouts are free and are on YouTube. Most are in 10-15 minute segments, so if I'm too tired I can spread them out throughout the day. And she gives tips on cardio workouts, lifting, and eating healthy as well.
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    First of all, I am working two jobs at the present time. I work Monday through Friday from 10pm to 6:30 a.m. (8 hour overnight shifts) at one job, and Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 6:30 a.m. (12 hour overnight shifts) and the other place of employment. In other words, I work the night shift 7 days a week.

    I exercise at the health club almost immediately after my shift ends. I will do about 45 minutes of cardio exercise while at the gym, and I take anywhere from one to two days of rest per week. Overall, I have been managing to exercise at least five days out of every week.

    In addition, I have a weight bench at home with plenty of free weights. I also have a used Gazelle machine, a rudimentary stair stepper machine, and a step aerobics platform for days when I cannot or do not feel like getting to the health club.
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    Are you working day or night shift.... that alone can throw a wrench into the mix. I too am a runner though I'm only a halfer... When I changed from day to night shift (again) it took me several months to readjust. If you are new to nursing give yourself a few months to adjust to working in the profession. It's different than any other field, and is more physically demanding than most think. The mental demands are high also. Especially if you are trying to learn a new facility as well as beginning a new profession. Try for a shorter workout period at first. Then build back up to your usual runs...

    This worked for me: Day shift.... I would get up first thing in the mornings on my day off and either go to gym or run (because of scheduling I had to revise schedule to include weekends including sundays). Night Shift.... I would go straight to gym from work. (**** DO NOT GO HOME FIRST**** Just me personally but if I ever go past the front door of my house then I'm done. It's way too easy to find excuses not to go, so I just go straight from work to gym. Kooky I know but it works. ) Throw in a couple of extra days for off days and there you have it. Taking my son to school was the excuse for going in the mornings. I would take him to school and then go straight to gym or run... it helps if you have a partner too. Someone that is waiting on you and expecting you to be there...

    Hope this helps or at least gives you some ideas... and hang in there it will all come back together again. You are just going through an adjustment period and having to readjust your personal priorities and professional ones. They eventually mix together.
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    You have to have willpower!!! I rather go straight from work to the gym on day shifts and in the morning of afternoon shifts. Also on my days off I work out harder and longer. Sometimes I go straight back home if I'm hungry or something and don't end up going to the gym but at least I know I worked hard on my days off.
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    I work night shift. I went through an Ugly divorce so my life was chaotic... Needed a life style change for sure.

    While I'm at work sometimes i dont have enough time to eat. Fruit shakes, protein shakes, small snacks like cheese fruits nuts and occasional soups helps me keep going. I try not to eat a big meal before sleeping especially anything with hot sauce... Will cause indigestion for me

    After work I needed a way to destress. Working out immediately after work is what worked for me. Interval training helps too, hired a trainer for 6 months, attended work out classes and worked out with friends and met friends.

    My method helped a lot. I tried workin out at home or runnig in the park but i wasnt consistent with my training. Since i started to go gym, it has been a great stress reliever and I was able to lose 20 lbs!!!
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    ah! i have to find the motivation to get to the gym again. i just don't have it in me to go run after i work. too exhaustinggggggggg
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    I used to run 5x a week... before nursing school and working as a nurse. Now I call myself a "weekend warrior"... I try to run 1-2 days a week. Way down on my mileage, but I figure some running is better than no running.

    Also, for what it's worth, I read in Runner's World that running once a week won't help you increase your running fitness level, but it also won't hurt it. If you do the same amount of miles or time, you'll maintain that level. Reading that, helped me be less depressed about running so little. As long as I can bang out a couple of miles every weekend, I'll take it
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    I walk to work.
    I take the stairs at work.
    I walk or ride my bike to exercise my dog at least 3x/wk.
    There is a weight/exercise room at the hospital, free w/ showers, before work is best d/t fatigue at end of day. 2x/wk.
    Running hurts my knees and hips now...

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