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Been riding for about 18 years. Currently, I own two: a sport bike and a cruiser (both suzukis). Mostly I stay away from rallies, though I'll do the Bikers for Babies and some other rides, but I'm all about riding with my... Read More

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    The winter is more like spring this year. If it weren't for the sand I could brag that I'm riding in February! (Ok, all you southern m/c nurses! Let's hear it...)
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    Me too!!! Nurse in Canada, waiting for the nicer weather. I'm a wuss when it comes to riding in the cold. Bought myself a Yamaha 950 vstar for my bday last year. Jonesin' to get on it again : )
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    With the milder winter we've had down here we've been able to sneak in a ride or two... gotta watch for all that sand/salt though.
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    Riding season is coming.......Been riding for about 35 years. Went the speed racer/crotch rocket route in the 70s & 80s, crashed a couple, got old and now ride a big touring rig. Thinking about getting a V-rod. Rode one and they are a ball for shorter distances...Yall ride safe.
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    Quote from opossum
    I ride a scooter - a Honda Ruckus
    I love those! They look like the old pre-WWII military bikes, to me.

    I'm another scooter rider, I have a 50cc Genuine Buddy. In warmer weather, I try to ride it as my primary vehicle. Cancels out my huge carbon footprint from driving a Yukon. My youngest rides it to school on the days I work, and everyone in the family uses it for errands, short trips, and trips downtown, where parking a scooter is infinitely easier than trying to find parking for a car.

    We have a large number of hard core bikers who come through town. I really appreciate the apparent love they show me, a scooter rider, with their nod or lowered fist. Very friendly.
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    I graduated from nursing school on May 16th of this year and just found out yesterday that I passed my boards. I am SO psyched. I have a 2007 HD Deluxe with 55k original miles on it. Riding is my passion. I take long trips a few times during the summer, by myself. Love it!! I figure if I wait for a boyfriend to go with, life will pass me by!! Unfortunatley, there is a lot of rain in the forecast the next few that I can FINALLY relax and enjoy the ride with nothing hanging over my head. Ride safe, everyone!
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    We have a 71 BMW R60/5... A few old Hondas in various stages of disrepair. I've been wanting to pick up a nice little scooter to ride to & from work in the nice weather.
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    I've got a 2011 Suzuki boulevard S40. Small, but Iove it! I used to ride to work more, but the traffic has me more nervous. I like to ride on weekends with my husband.
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    I love street bikes! I've been on so many and my guy friend did a surprise wheelie when I was on the back it scared me! There's a road here out of county jurisdiction where everyone races their bikes. I really want to get a Kawasaki ninja 250 when we move but i haven't taken an endorsement course and I somewhat know how to drive a manual vehicle. Is down shifting dangerous on a bike? What if it jerks me forward?
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    I'm a nurse graduated last year may and just brought my 1st bike last month ..a R6