Anyone else a Biker Nurse? ;)

  1. Been riding for about 18 years. Currently, I own two: a sport bike and a cruiser (both suzukis).

    Mostly I stay away from rallies, though I'll do the Bikers for Babies and some other rides, but I'm all about riding with my friends or getting on the road alone to decompress.
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  3. by   WillowNMe
    I am!!! I have a 1980 Kawasaki 440 LTD right now.... I've had that for I think five years now? Six? I don't ride it as much as the first year I had it because I started riding bigger bikes. My uncle owns a chopper shop, and my whole family is into Harleys. I had my first road trip two summers ago... We drove to Minot, ND for my great-grandmothers 100th birthday. It was an amazing experience - there were four bikes (my two uncles, my aunt and I) a Suburban full of my cousins and my mom and grandma driving behind them. It was so cool - got buzzed by crop planes, "honked" at by passing trains... it really was an experience.

    I didn't drive much last summer - I didn't do much of anything, actually... I have a horse, too - barely rode her.. I was working doubles for a few months and basically were working or sleeping. No bueno. But I had a ball this past January... Short story --

    I am used to big bikes, but when I went to NC this past January to visit my other uncle, he has a BIG travel Harley - radio, travel bags, the whole thing. I don't normally get nervous about big bikes, but I was nervous about this one. He told me to take it for a spin the first day we were there, I said maybe when he got home - they have a rough driveway to get out of and excuses excuses excuses. He said, "Nah, lets go for a ride." I thought maybe he was kidding - so I went out there.. In my Miller Lite PJ pants, had one pant leg stuck in my cowboy boot... I was looking pretty gosh darn lovely And my uncle - who is a big guy... 6'6 and muscle-y - completely dressed for work in nice pants, shirt, etc... rode ***** with me. You can imagine what the neighbors probably thought!! Miller Lite PJ pants, cowboy boots on, radio blasting, my uncle in back completely dressed for work...

    Definitely a memory I try to remember when I am "suffering" through nursing school. I put 450 miles on the bike that week. Going back down in 26 days to do it again!
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  4. by   Trenia
    I thought this was cycling when I found the link. The disappointment!
  5. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    LOL Trenia. Can't hurt to post a cycling thread.

    Sounds like you are having fun! So much snow here this winter, but when it thawed out to a warm-ish 55 degrees, I was out on my cruiser. The next day the snow returned with a Vengeance! Was so worth it...

    I had my m/c break down once with my group and rode b*tch. I'm still hearing about it from all my friends... sigh. Ha ha! :grn:
  6. by   FlyingScot
    Trenia there are more human-powered biker nurses for one. Let's get our own thread!!!!
  7. by   FF-PHRN
    I am an avid offroad biker. I am starting to get into the Harescrambles locally. For those unfamiliar, that is a motocross type race that takes place in the woods\trails. My wife and sons ride with me at times, tons of fun! I have had several sportbikes in the past and recently sold my RC51 (1000cc sportbike). My wife got all tearful while I was talking about it and I was like ...what the??... Whats Wrong???... She says she justs get worried, even though I am in full gear its the other cars shes worried about. She is an ER nurse also so she has seen the bad traumas as much as I have. any self respecting husband who loves his wife, I sold it immediately. Riding a 2stroke dirtbike on the trails and tracks is way more fun and she is ok with it.
  8. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    Aw.. it's hard to marry "outside the faith". Sounds like you guys really take care of each other though.

    I tend to want to go fast on my sport bike. You can't help it. You're already seated in the "go-go-go" position. I generally save it for highway driving. My cruiser, though, is my hanging out on Sunday afternoon kind of bike. I can be totally chill and happy doing 20 mph.

    Supposed to warm up here to a tropical 45 degrees in the next day or so... hmm. Think I'll see how well my battery is holding up.. heh heh.

    I wish I could make May come faster!
  9. by   FF-PHRN
    I hear ya. It is REALLY hard to go the speed limit on a sportbike (and my wife knew this). The stupid fast acceleration is addictive.

    Warm weather is coming soon..ish...ride safe.
  10. by   OneHungryNurse
    Harley-Davidson all the way baby!!
  11. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    WOOT!! What kind?
  12. by   elkpark
    I am not, but I've worked with several nurses over the years who were.

    Also, the attending psychiatrist on the child psych unit on which I currently work is a biker (both she and her husband). She rides her bike to work in nice weather.
  13. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    Nature is messing with me. It almost gets warm enough to go riding but as soon as I get home from work it chills and snows again.

  14. by   Bobylon
    DOH!!! And I thought this thread might be about BIcycles...LOL!!! I'd love to have a sportbike (we live in the foothills of the Smokies and not all that far from the infamous Dragon).......but I'd probably kill myself. I DO have a great love for cycling (mountainbiking esp, and a good mtb with a set of slicks works dang well on the roads as well). So...... nevermind, and carry on. Motorcycles are pretty dang cool, just feel "safer" with human powered 2 wheeled vehicles...heh.

    FWIW, my hospital has several dedicated parking spaces in the lot for cycles only, which is cool .... seems to be a 50/50 mix of cycles and scooters