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Male seeking to become a nursing God!!! :)

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  1. Anyone else a Biker Nurse? ;)

    Harley-Davidson all the way baby!!
  2. You'll meet negative Nancies all through your school life... No matter what program you're in, CNA - LVN - BSn-Msn-Dns... it doesn't matter, you'll always have people being negative towards your success. It just makes it more fun when you get to smil...
  3. Help choosing LVN to RN school in CA

    LA County has a program... but you need to have your GEs from a university or community college. I know it sounds long... but in the long run it'll benefit you. Those online private schools' credits do not usually transfer out if you want to chase do...
  4. Should smokers be admitted into the nursing program?

    1st) How could you test if a student is a smoker or not? Honor system? Please, there is no such thing in nursing school. 2nd) Dont forget that being a nurse is a profession. But i think most of us can agree that when we give health advice we do it be...
  5. California LPN/CMA Salary???

    I'm sure you already know that LPNs (LVNs in Ca), are pretty much kicked out of major hospitals by now. Therefore, they are forced to work in sub-acute, clinics,LTC... etc. Considering this: The standard around the LA County area, goes like: (approx....
  6. I can't believe she went there!

    It happens. In life, you'll be surrounded by people who just don't want others to do well. That shoudln't stop you from accomplishing what you want to do. It's one wave after another. Students crap on each other all the time in nursing school. Once y...
  7. I hope it does!

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