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    Hey guys. I just my rejection letter .

    I hope you guys the best. Only 55 applicants were accepted .

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    Don't give up servealoha! Keep trying. I know you will get in!

    To my great surprise, I received my provisional acceptance letter today. They just need to receive my grades for Chem 151 that I am taking this semester. I nearly fell down on my knees and cried right by the mailbox. Keep an eye out everyone! Your letter should be coming soon. I wish everyone the best of luck!
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    Congratulations, jujubees1!!
    Just curious, did yours come in a packet or just like a regular letter?

    I, sadly, didn't get into UHM ;( I'm gonna keep trying tho! Good luck to everyone!
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    Keep trying hcs808. The new program for KCC sounds really good. It would be a great way to save money and you would have your RN before you get to UH. I kinda wish I could go that route but it would take me even longer as I would have to redo my science classes as they are expired for KCC. Luckily, they were not expired for UH.

    I received my letter in a regular envelope. It was a little thicker though as it had other paperwork that I need to turn in. I have to let them know by Nov. 18 if I accept or not and also send in $200 as a deposit if I do accept. I am going to do it on Mon. so I don't forget!

    Good luck to everyone!
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    Congratulations jujubess1!
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    Yeah, I'm gonna keep trying I'll get there sooner or later lol. But if you don't mind me asking, what were your stats when you applied?
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    Thank you aukei04.


    My stats are:

    pGPA: 4.0
    cGPA: 3.5

    Science: 93
    Math: 97
    Verbal: 97

    I did apply to MEPN, though, for Fall 2011 and I didn't get it. I think my bachelor's GPA was too low. They didn't count my post-BA classes/grades. I was crazy with my BA and took 6 classes each semester, full load during summers and worked while doing a double major. I wish I would have paid attention to my GPA back then. I think I rushed just to finish college. Sigh...

    Keep trying. You will get there. Don't give up. I was so discouraged but figured I would try for UH's BSN program.
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    Congratulations to those who got in. Be prepared to work hard. There's down time and time for work or fun, but exams and paper due dates have a tendency to bunch up. Just as you're breathing a sigh of relief after turning in a paper or finishing up an exam, another due date is breathing down your back. And eventually, you'll have to forget about reading. After a while, it becomes very focused--as in for exam prep--because you have so much other stuff to do. Have fun with APA =). Be ready for lots of group projects, too. Nursing school is very time consuming. If you thought prereqs were tough, I have to say that nursing school is tougher.

    If you didn't get in, don't give up. Use the time to improve your grades, improve your NLN score, or finish up other classes required for graduation. Use it as an opportunity to beef up on your writing, A&P, and pharm. Take a CNA class, if possible. It'll only cover a few basic skills, but they go kind of fast when it comes to skills. At least you won't have to worry about learning some skills during the first few weeks of school. Also, get some APA templates going as writing in APA style is very tedious. They ask for all your papers to be written using APA format.
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    And for those who are didn't get in to KCC or are alt listed, it is possible to not get accepted at KCC but accepted at UHM. I know of several students who applied to both but were only accepted at UHM.
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    I got a rejection letter, i guess my C-GPA brought me down. I did apply with 2 classes currently enrolled so maybe that was an issue as well. I'm still planning on applying for Fall 2012.

    Does anyone know if their is a wait list/alternate list for UH manoa and if anyone was put on it already?

    Congrats to everyone who got in!

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