Spring 2012 UH Manoa BSN Applicants - page 10

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    See you next month Mireille, Keala, and jujubees. I FINALLY got my acceptance letter in the mail today! Forwarding mail takes forever. Either way, I am so excited and I can't wait to start.

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    Congratulations gocards! Hope to finally meet everyone at orientation.
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    Congrats gocards! Try send them back your letter of intent ASAP if you can so that you will get your health requirement paperwork in the email soon. Getting all that done seems quite overwhelming and time consuming...
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    Yay gocards! Did you guys sign up for cpr class? If so which day?!
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    I have CPR from red cross...does that even count? Any idea?
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    You should check with them to make sure you have the exact one they want just in case! If not you can jus sign up with uhm (best part, it's freeeeee!!!)
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    You are right! I should! Just got the email today and printed out all the documents...already overwhelmed to look through all that, have not got the time to react or respond to any of that.way too much stuff for my taste... Guess that is what u call nursing!
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    Congrats gocards!!! Can't wait to meet everyone... Excited and overwhelmed... I just got my email about the health requirements and almost fell over. So much to do and finals are coming up for these semester too!!!!

    Question? Does anyone know how the parking is at manoa? Where? How much?
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    I have a pass for the semester in the structure, but I know people find parking in the residencial by Busad?
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    Thanks Francobeano. I have no idea where to park that won't cost me an arm and a leg. Where do I go to get a parking pass?

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