Spring 2012 UH Manoa BSN Applicants - page 10

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    No I'm not sure I didn't ask.. but i think there's 14 spots for each teacher!
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    Thank you Francobeano... I'm turning in my forms next week. Hopefully there's still spots available.
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    jujubees1, call the bookstore about the books. Someone might be able to give you the list of books you'll need. You'll use some books a lot more than others this semester. I didn't read every book that we were required to buy. I still haven't opened a few of them. YMMV.
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    Does anyone know if there is any kind of UH symbol or logo on the scrubs pants? I was going to just buy plain white scrub pants at the dickies outlet, but I don't know if that would be cool. For people who wanna save money on the textbooks, go to textbooks.com. They have a list of used and new books from many different vendors, so you can pick and choose what you want. I have been using that website for all of my college career, and it hasn't failed me yet. However, I do advise you to only pick the books that are rated as "very good" or "like new" if you are going to buy a used book. I just ordered all of my books on that site, except for the 8 book package. They dont have it. So I guess I have to spend the 4 hundred something dollars. It will be worth it in the end though.
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    I talked to one of the advisors (Connie I think) on Friday at our orientation... And she said not to buy the textbooks and wait until the first week of school. She said depending on the professor you got the textbooks can vary. I personally hate waiting because I hate feeling unprepared but I want to save as much money as possible too. and I really don't want to fight the crowd at the bookstore. Does anyone have any suggestions on this one? Buy it now or wait until the first week?
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    Oh and dopamine There's no print on the scrub pants only on the top... That's a really good idea. I think I'll do the same.

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