Soon to be New Grad LPN looking to move to Hawaii

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    My name is Angela. I will be graduating this coming summer and I'm looking to move. Right now I live in Minnesota and I am really sick of the horrible winters. I'm looking at a few different states and one of them is Hawaii. I would appreciate any info that anyone has on the employment and house/apartment rental market. And if any Hawaiian hospitals offer loan forgiveness or sign on bonuses. I'm also planning on go back to finish my RN after some time off, so I would need to be close to a school that has a good RN program.
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    Greetings from New York City!
    Hello and Welcome to All Nurses!
    Hope you have a great time here with us!

    Wow, Hawaii sounds pretty darn good!
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    There are a lot of posts here that may answer your questions.
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    I went to Hawaii about a year and a half ago for a vacation in Honolulu. I read the job ads just for the heck of it and I found that there were hardly any nurse jobs. Of the few I saw they wanted RN's only. Hawaii is very expensive and I would not recommend it to anyone. Of course, for vacations it is perfect and I had a wonderful time!

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