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Hey guys I applied for the Fall 2018 ADN Nursing program at KCC. I wanted to know who else applied and for those that already got in to the program, what were your stats/qualifications? My stats... Read More

  1. by   Trashboat
    Quote from akawata
    Wow that's awesome! Congrats on graduating the program! Was it difficult to get into the LPN-ADN Transition program? I was also thinking about applying for that program as well.
    Our entire class (~13 students) passed the LPN boards and applied immediately for the upcoming LPN-ADN cohort. Out of the 13 students 4 were accepted and the rest of us were wait listed for the following semester (ALL of the remaining students were accepted into the following semester). Basically the 4 students only graduated a semester before us.

    Hopefully my timeline makes sense.
  2. by   nicolee.lee
    Good luck to everyone applying. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I just really want to get in :-(. My stats:

    Prereqs- 1B and the rest A's
    Coreqs- Humanities A and Pharm B
    Teas- 86%
    Exp- CNA certification and work exp, but only submitted my certification card
  3. by   akawata
    Oh wow. Considering how competitive the program is, it would be a dream come true to get into that program! best of luck to all of us.
  4. by   akawata
    Thank you for the information! It was very useful!

    Awesome stats! Good luck to you!