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Trashboat has 2 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. Trashboat

    Army FY 2019

    I'm active duty awaiting orders/duty station. I submitted my wishlist of duty station twice and I should be finding out my duty station before basic (I'm OCONUS).
  2. Trashboat


    I am a graduate of KCCs lpn and lpn to adn transition program. LPN cohort was about 15 students. I believe 13 of us applied for the lpn to adn bridge immediately after graduation and only 4 of us got in the upcoming semester. The remaining cohort applied for the next round and EVERYONE from my cohort was accepted. Cohort was entirely made up of local residents. I doubt lpn classes count a whole lot toward ranking system because our lpn valedictorian was not one of the 4 students that got in immediately. Stats? I applied with one C the remaining was As and Bs with a teas score of 79.
  3. Trashboat

    KCC ADN Fall 2018

    Our entire class (~13 students) passed the LPN boards and applied immediately for the upcoming LPN-ADN cohort. Out of the 13 students 4 were accepted and the rest of us were wait listed for the following semester (ALL of the remaining students were accepted into the following semester). Basically the 4 students only graduated a semester before us. Hopefully my timeline makes sense.
  4. Trashboat

    KCC ADN Fall 2018

    Graduate of KCC's LPN and LPN-ADN bridge program. TEAS: 76% (English killed me). Applied with 3.3 GPA. Had prereqs and coreqs for both programs. Applied to LPN only thinking I wouldn't get in (Accepted on my first try).

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