Is nursing school more expensive in HI?

  1. Is nursing school more expensive in HI?
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  3. by   Love2ReadRN
    Last I looked into Hawaii nrsg schools was 5 years ago. At that time, it was highly competitive though and I'm not sure that has changed. I've always thought of it like this:

    UHM - BSN, competitive. Need as close to a 4.0 as possible. Price - in state is around high 5000.00 and out of state is around 14000.00 a semester. (I actually just looked this up because I was curious so those prices are current. That seems really high to me. But this is for NURSING which is more expensive than general undergraduate)

    HPU - BSN, private, expensive. No clue.

    KCC - ASN, still competitive but also I think there is a wait list? Resident: 2320.00 per year (2 semesters) Non Resident: 7000.00 per year (2 semesters)

    I think there are schools on the other islands (Like, UH - Hilo and some on Maui) but I am not familiar with them. There are also maybe other nursing schools on Oahu... maybe on the West side.. but I'm not familiar with them.

    I would suggest, if you're a new student, going to KCC and getting ALL your general education out of the way and getting straight A's. You will need to transfer to UHM before you start nursing school but you could really save money getting general education at KCC!
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  4. by   mcubed45
    HPU is around 20-25k a semester

    KCC does NOT use a wait list and is very competitive.

    For UHM/KCC you basically need nearly straight A's and great exam scores.
  5. by   kiers
    I just graduated from UHM this past May and I was paying about $9000 per year (in-state tuition) at UHM for resident tuition. That includes the $1000 nursing fee per semester.

    Tuition schedule for the 10-campuses of the University of Hawaii System
  6. by   A&Ox6
    The tuition doesn't seem so bad. My city college tuition is abou 6000 per year in NYC