What are my chances?

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    This would obviously have to be a total opinion piece, but I know there are many nurses on this forum that have already been through the process, and have read stories of other nurses. What do you think my chances are of getting selected for active duty army, this november5th when the boards commence.

    Let's say all other things are good, i.e. application, physical, background, education req.

    I graduated Nursing school in August 2008 with an ASN gpa 3.9, was liscenced in october 2008, and took a position with a Home healthcare position that same month. I worked pediatric home health care as well as adult.

    I then took a position with a major hospital in my area in december 2009. I started charge nursing in july of 2011, and became the assistant nurse manager of my unit in October of 2011, and I have held this position ever since.

    I am CMSRN certified still good for 5 more years.

    I can get glowing LoR's from all previous supervisors.

    I continued school and have one more class for my BSN, I will graduate with a 3.8. I am 27 meet height and weight standards. can pass a PT test today(husband is prior service and has been whipping me into shape).

    I have no criminal record, credit rating is above 700 with all three bureaus, and mecially I am fine both physically and mentally.

    I know it isnt all the information considered but, I am just trying to put my mind at ease just a little. I know this board is so very competitive. So Hopefully someone out there with experience with these boards can help me out, or at least let me know where they think I stand.

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    I would say you're very competitive; however, the Army is overstrength in all AOCs, but especially in the area of med/surg nurses (66H). But if they're going to pick someone, why not you? You have experience and the certification to boot. Keep your hopes up!! Good luck.
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    Thanks Lunah, I have that certification but I would love to get the CC specialty course in my orders. One of the reasons I would chose Ft Lewis or Ft Sam as my first duty station for that training. I hope they select me I would love to give them everything I have.
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    LunahRN I would love to ask you a few things, not sure how to PM on this forum but I have just a few questions for you.
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    I sent you a PM. You will be able to use the PM function after you have 15 posts.
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    What was your score on the CMSRN. I passed mine in 2006 with a 99%. I have been an RN since 1980; 4.0 GPA, 18years Medical Surgical/Oncology and 10 years Critical care- tele/step down, Post Open Heart Surgery. Awesome
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    My standardized score was 111, I do not show any percentage score. Just a " Standard score(*): 111 This is your total score expressed as a standardized scale. Nice to hear you have been in so long, you must be looking forward to retirement now. congrats.
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    Not at 56 years old. In my country retirement age is 65. How about yours.
    I also find I prefer to work around nurses my own age, experience and skill level.
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    I was going to just let this go but decided not to. kcmylorn, to preface this incoming post I want you to know a few things. this thread was for constructive criticism and some pointers which I have already received from a few people in the community (Thanks so much so far LunahRN). It was strictly and very obviously a military question, and more specifically an army question. So when you replied to it, in the manner you did, I assumed you were military. My assumptions came to pass for this reason; you made a chest thumping post touting your scores and all your experience and everything you have done since before I was even born. You never said anything constructive whatsoever, just touting your scores on something and how long you have worked. In your country you can retire after 20 years in the military, hence the retirement question, since I thought you were military. But it turns out from reading your past posts and past threads you have started that you are more of an insecure, puff your chest out type. You are insecure because so many of your threads had to do with age, older nurses being pushed out, or argumentative with different types in the nursing community.

    I thought you were maybe just having a bad day, seen a young nurse, asking for some advice after posting my very meager resume', the advice or opinions needed were referring to my chances in the november board for the ANC. Your replied with something completely different. And then I noticed your name. You derailed one of my posts about the Republic of Korea being a first duty choice. You said at first there were no hospitals there and that family members couldnt come. When I corrected you(from personal experience of living in the country with my active duty husband) you became defensive with a wall of text, basically talking down to me like a school child, while supporting my point that you were wrong. At some point you will need to drop that insecurity and just live a happy life. I am not a confrontational type, but it is honestly something I am working on, to be a little more vocal about this type of thing. I think it would best if you just didnt bother derailing any of my threads and try to be constructive, and I will do more to try to avoid anything you post on my threads.

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    No one is derailing your posts madam, I think it is you who is getting defensive. I mearly tried to give you useful information on the ROK post and the levels of care avail at most of the "Clinic" there to which the tone of your response was less than gracious. You graduate in 2008- well you come off as being a know it all at a very less experienced level in your nursing career.I am not the one with the insecurities. From my experience- and I also come from a military family/ USAF, the officers I have met especially the Squadron commanders, Chief Nursing Officers and SGO's and Wing Commanders not to mention the Clinical Officers- Nurses, NP's and MD's, have a quality about them- graciousness, and respectful, not boasting and full of themselves. they inspired admiration, respect and loyalty by the way they conducted themselves.They had a fitness to wear the rank. Believe me- those non commissioned service members( medics) you wish to work around will quickly recognize the Napoleon complex. Good luch to you

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