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Hello Allnurses, From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse recruiter... Read More

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    Just another reason why a New/Old Grad should not take a lower position job. No word from VA yet. Thank you so much for the advice, I do appreciate it. I was sort of at a loss on where to turn so that really helped perk me up a bit. I am researching the Laws right after this. Just hoping it all goes through.

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    It took longer than I expected to hear back from the HR. I received the phone call today with the official job offer. I will be starting orientation next month! I am so excited!
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    Congrats msrn1204..the process to get "on boarded" and the orientation are stressful and like the hiring process, slow and "teeth pulling" - my advice as someone who has gone through this is keep EVERYTHING you are given in writing and write down names of everyone you come in contact with during this process...I have had to keep after several in order to get the additional monies I was promised as part of the hiring process, to stop automatic deductions from my check for benefits I was not interested in and am still not going to end up w/one of the promises which was assistant w/student loans but, once you get through the HR stuff, you will, I think, enjoy working at the VA. There is a lot of room for advancement if you ever wish to do that. Good luck and welcome to the VA!
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    Marshall1, why aren't you getting assistance with student loans? It was listed as an incentive on my job announcement.

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    Funding for educational benefits including NNEI and student loan repayment have been drastically cut as a result of the current economic state of our federal government.
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    VA monies for educational funding and loan payback were cut as a result of the current economical environment of our federal government.

    Oops posted twice!
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    Hi bjorklover,

    I'm glad you posted this... I just received an email just exactly like that and am wondering the same things as you.. Did you get an answer to your questions?
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    For me, the first ad for the position DID state student loan repayment, however, the ad that was run the 2nd time (which was after I had applied and been tentatively hired) did NOT say anything about the student loan. According to the HR person, since I was officially hired after the 2nd ad the student loan repayment doesn't apply...I think, like others have posted, its the money. I was told that any future schooling I would be eligible for tuition reimbursement. I have found it VERY difficult to get straight answers or to find the correct forms through HR or on the intranet. The VA, while I like it in many ways, REALLY needs to look at where a TON of money is spend aalllll the letters mailed out for various reasons that are not needed. I don't know how much $ is spend on postage just for this but I'm telling you, from just where I work it HAS to be 10 of thousands/yr. which could be better spent elsewhere.
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    I am applying for a contract job at the VA through an agency. I will be starting the VetPro process this week. As far as past employment goes, I am not sure if I should put down a couple jobs I had that only lasted about a month. I figured out those jobs were not a good fit for me so I left them. I am not sure if those employers have any ill will towards me or not. I feel like those jobs don't really matter, since I wasn't there very long and didn't gain any experience and was not even out of orientation at one of them. I don't want to throw myself under the bus by putting them down, but at the same time, I don't want it to look like I am hiding anything by not putting them down. I'm pretty sure the VA/government share info and probably know everywhere that I have worked since I was 16 anyway. Any advice?
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    The only problem you will run into is if there is a 30 day or more gap in employment. That time has to be accounted for and if you were unemployed you will be asked on VETPRO who can verify your unemployment. VETPRO for me was not from age 16 - it was for the last 10 yrs. The other "equip" which is done later - does have you go back a little farther than VETPRO.

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