Questions for current military nurse (male or female)

  1. 0 I am currently in nursing school and will be graduating with my BSN in May. Immediately afterward, I plan on returning to school for my Master's/FNP and would like to go back into military nursing in the reserve at some point.
    One of the requirements for my graduation in May is to network to persons in fields that I may want to pursue post-graduation and to write a paper regarding the contacts. I would greatly appreciate anyone from the site that currently does military nursing that wouldn't mind answering a few short questions to post back, or if someone could point me in the right direction of whom I may need to contact.
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    Navy nurse corp officer here.
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    Army Nurse Corps
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    army here
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    If any of you would be willing to privately provide an email address at which to answer a few short questions for purpose of a school assignment and for future information, it would be very greatly appreciated.
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    Thank you so much, David!
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    Quote from klwilkerson85
    Thank you so much, David!
    Air Force here: ~Tiffany
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    LunahRN @
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    I don't mean to intrude on someone else's thread, but I'd really like to get some advice from a military nurse as I'm looking into this avenue for a career.
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    Karah, I moved your other thread from the career advice forum over here to the Gov/Mil forum -- hopefully you should get some responses. You can find a lot of the info you're looking for in this forum. Good luck!

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