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Just looking for other FY2013 DA hopefuls! My paperwork was submitted to be considered at the first board... Anyone else in the same boat? Also, I am a new grad but am working at a large university hospital. Does anyone know what... Read More

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    Quote from 240zRN
    I also got the same bad news. Nov 30th for me as well. Better occupy myself for another month. I was given wrong information and thought I would be on the first board just like many of you. Oh well. Chances of acceptance are looking slimmer and slimmer.
    Do you know definitive if your kit will be reviewed then? I'm wondering if the recruiters are just saying it will be reviewed when in fact they have no idea really. Very frustrating :-(

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    Quote from newnavynurse
    Hang in there. It's a long tough road....but so worth it in the end. Yes the waiting sucks!!
    Waiting does suck!
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    My recruiter said it will be the next 65 reviewed on nov 30 but she had no idea where I was in that pile. She did say of the 65 they looked at last Friday 30 were DA.
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    Did you find out if you we're on the first board?
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    Quote from Navywifeim
    Did you find out if you we're on the first board?
    I'm not.
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    So there has only been one board for FY2013? I remember last year that they had already made selections and things were close up by November... I hope this means there is still hope
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    According to my recruiter the number of D.A. in the board in October was 30 and they want 34 for FY13. So depending on how many they take there should be at least 4 more spots for the board on 11/30. Has anyone heard from the first board yet?
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    My recruiters assistant told my husband yesterday that they took 27 from the first board and they have 36 spots total... So frustrating since I made sure all my stuff was to my recruiter on time and it didn't make it there until September. The assistant seemed very confidant that mine would be in the next board. I guess it is more hurry up and wait, the joys of the military!!
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    My recruiter just told me that they filled all spots for FY2013 My paperwork never even made it to the board, it got as far as the program manager. Hopefully someone hears good news...
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    Sorry sailor wifey I was in the board so hopefully I hear something soon.

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