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    Hi aregoni32, I'm a newly commissioned Navy Nurse and I think I may be able to help. I have experience with NCP, Direct Accession (DA), and ROTC. It is up to you but if you join the Navy now without a Bachelor's degree you'll be enlisted, not an officer. You may have been talking to an enlisted recruiter instead of a medical officer recruiter, which makes a HUGE difference. My suggestion is to finish school first and then join the Navy, or apply for the NCP program. Don't stop school while you're in the middle of it to go join the Navy. You'll be taking a 4 year break from finishing your degree and it is no guarantee you'll be working in the medical sector. You can only apply for the NCP program in your Junior year, so it is a good idea to start getting your application ready now. It can take a while to get the items together. Right now the NCP program is offering a 10k stipend for your Junior and Senior year with a 3 year commitment after graduation. DA (joining the Navy Nurse Corps after graduating) is offering 20k for 3 years or 30k for 4 years. The only real difference between the two avenues to get into the Navy Nurse Corps is how much "time in service" you will have. If you do NCP the time you were in school as a NC counts towards to your "time in service" It is possible for someone who did NCP to have 2 years of "time in service" opposed to someone who does DA. Also, if your school has an ROTC program that is another route you can take to get into the Navy. Yes ROTC is a little more intense and there are more requirements, but you have to remember the Navy is decreasing manpower. Right now the Navy has one or two boards to review packets at the beginning of each fiscal year (this has been true for both NCP and DA the last 3 years) so there is a small window to get your application in. The Navy Nurse Corps is one of the most competitive programs the Navy has so having a high GPA, good recommendations, and an impressive resume is important. Let me know if you have any more questions, I am more than happy to help :)
  2. oorahwife

    New to Navy, ODS, Portsmouth-need any help?

    Thanks so much for the info Sw88tpea!
  3. oorahwife

    New to Navy, ODS, Portsmouth-need any help?

    Hi Sw88tpea, I'll be going to ODS in March and I have a few questions I could not find the answer to. When they say neutral underwear, do you mean nude colored or just neutral solid colors like black, gray, navy, etc? Do sports bras have to be white or nude, or can they be different colors such as black, pink, blue, multicolored, etc? Does everyone get a roommate or is it dependent on class size/luck of the draw? Are there any drawbacks to checking in the Saturday before opposed to waiting til Sunday? Thanks!
  4. oorahwife

    New to Navy, ODS, Portsmouth-need any help?

    indigo622, I'm headed to ODS in March! Where will you be stationed?
  5. oorahwife

    New to Navy, ODS, Portsmouth-need any help?

    Thanks DSchulte99 for the heads up, it takes a bit of the pressure off.
  6. oorahwife

    New to Navy, ODS, Portsmouth-need any help?

    This thread has been super helpful! I am on the wait list for FY13 and I have been trying to get myself physically ready for ODS while I wait for word. I was wondering what is the minimum fitness level you have to achieve in order to pass? I know the number of push ups, sit ups, and run time is different for each age group. I'm struggling a bit with my push ups and I just want to make sure I'll be ready. Thanks!
  7. oorahwife

    Navy Nurse Corps Direct Accession FY 2013

    My recruiter told me early last week the Board made their selections, and everyone who was selected or placed on the wait list has been notified. There are so many steps in the selection process (my package went through at least 4 processors and G-d knows what else before being presented before the November board), and unavoidable hiccups do occur unfortunately. From what I have heard, they are not reviewing any more packages for FY13 but there is always FY14!
  8. oorahwife

    Ods hhg

    Hi carolinakate88, Do you know how many of the 12 on the wait list for FY12 made it through, and if you don't mind sharing, what number were you on the wait list? I'm on the wait list for FY13 and would love to get a better feel for what to expect! Thanks!