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Just looking for other FY2013 DA hopefuls! My paperwork was submitted to be considered at the first board... Anyone else in the same boat? Also, I am a new grad but am working at a large university hospital. Does anyone know what the chances for a new grad are? Perhaps people from other years can weigh in. From what I've read, being a new grad is basically an automatic no :(TIA!

I put in my package this november and I graduate in may 2013. This program sounds very challenging to get into. My recruiter told me that GPA is very important, 3.5 is competitive. I have allot of work to do

I too am applying for FY2013 DA. I graduated last year, but my resume is a little shotty. I have doing a nonpaid full time residency in ICU from Jan 2012- Present. I am hoping they honor my experience. GPA is 3.59. I am waiting on credentialing in order for my package to be submitted. I understand they opened it up Aug 1st and last year they only opened for board submission for a little over a month! I'm hoping my kit is sent off next week when credentialing gets back.

Good Luck to us all!

Good luck to you as well, 240zRN! I am not sure how the process has been for you, but I know it is hard to get everything together in time for the board. Props to you for almost being there! My recruiter said as log as kits are sent in during August they will be considered! Definitely keep posting updates, I will too.

I sure hope that is the case. There was a delay in getting a referral from a past unit manager because she was on vacation which delayed my credentialing. I had a goal deadline of August 1st for completion, but you know how things go. Everything else went well for me. I got 10/10 with great marks on both of my interviews so I'm hoping everything goes well and I get a fair chance.

It sounds like you are very competitive for selection. I started the process while in school, originally hoping to do the candidate program. Unfortunately it closed before I was able to submit so I have been waiting almost a year with the paperwork completed! I ended up getting into a residency program and am really loving it. No matter what happens, I'm keeping an open mind and going with it. I plan on reapplying after I finish the residency in the event I don't get selected now! I'm 22 so I have time! Hopefully I don't need it though!

Yeah, I tried last year after graduating and I showed up too late, not knowing they have such a short window. I was offered a spot in an ICU once this residency is over, so if I don't get in this time around I will reapply with the ICU board that meets year round and try that way. I'm 26, but I feel old lol.

You have lots of time too!! You aren't old! That is a good plan. Too bad general nursing wasn't open year round. I work in periop which I heard is in high demand as well, so our backup plans sound similar. Determination is key!

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Hello, SailorWifey!

I submitted my PPIS/NASIS and all the paperwork last week and FINALLY got clearance to go to MEPS on 9/5. Unfortunately I was caught up in paperwork mishaps with some of my medical history, but it's all saved now. I am REALLY hoping I make it in, just wish I could have gotten some of my medical records quicker! I guess I'm doing decently on timing, though, since I only started the application and talked to my recruiter in the last week of July. But still... I'm super nervous since I've heard it's so competitive!

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I went to MEPS end of June, it took until last week for it to get approved. They had problems electronically filing for final approval. I'm hoping my kit get turned in for boards within the next week or 2. My recruiter has told me in the past the soonest we can submit the better. Have you heard from reading the treads here the chances of getting accepted if it's submitted to board in early September? I'm thinking of switching to ICU just to be on safe side.


PinappleCrush,Good luck to you! I also had medical issues (had to get a waiver and all that jazz) so I totally get where you are coming from. May the rest of the process move quickly for you!!

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Since I'm 40 I had to get extra stuff waivers needed just long process..frustrating especially with the time constraint :-(

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