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Just looking for other FY2013 DA hopefuls! My paperwork was submitted to be considered at the first board... Anyone else in the same boat? Also, I am a new grad but am working at a large university hospital. Does anyone know what... Read More

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    PinappleCrush,Good luck to you! I also had medical issues (had to get a waiver and all that jazz) so I totally get where you are coming from. May the rest of the process move quickly for you!!

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    Since I'm 40 I had to get extra stuff waivers needed just long process..frustrating especially with the time constraint :-(
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    Hello everyone!
    I must say that reading these posts have me nervous! It took awhile for a recruiter to get back to me so I just recently began the process. I spoke with my recruiter yesterday, filled out some basic paperwork, and he said his target date for us is the second week of Sept. I didn't realize how early everyone else has submitted their paperwork!! My recruiter also didn't seem to make a big deal about the fact that I in the beginning phases. He said no later than the end of Sept but the sooner the better. I'm just hoping that everything gets done on time!!
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm suuuuuper interested in joining either Navy or Air Force for nursing and want to go ICU without a doubt. However, I have no idea of who to contact because recruiters haven't responded to the voice messages left I'm in SD area and I graduate this December with my BSN. Does anyone have some pointers since this sounds like a lengthy process to get started? I think I'm pretty competitive so I'd love to be set up after graduation. Thanks so much for all of your advice and good luck to all of you applying!

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    Hey staugnurse,

    I'm 38 and this is second time applying due to it filling up so quick last year and packet didn't make it in in time. What extra stuff did you have done since you are 40. Have you recently started nursing or have been doing for a long time? What specialty are you applying to? How has your experience been with recruitment? Did you apply to any other branch? Apologies up front for all the questions? Trying to figure all this out as well. Thanks in advance.
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    To Stephers85,

    If you aren't getting a response in your area then call another state to start working with someone and explain that you aren't getting anyone where you are. But keep calling, be persistent. It would be helpful to start applying for jobs so once you are done you can have that lined up. Are you in a patient care tech job now? If not get started in that and go from there. That's valuable experience.

    You want either AF or Navy? Decide on which culture best suits you! They have different aspects to them. AF has locations in almost every state I think and if you don't care about being stationed in places like ND, Utah, Maine, Ohio, etc.... and you may get stationed later at bases with clinics not hospitals and potentially at a army hospital. Navy is more west coast, east coast and work with Marines. Despite what alot of folks thnk, nurses generally dont get stationed out on a boat either. Those postions are few and far between. Nurses who want those compete for them. So dont worry about that. Also, AF has increased their time on station to 4 years instead of 3 like the Navy. Unless you decide to take an assignment in another country somewhere after 3 years.
    These are just things to keep in mind. Not everythiing is in stone, things change as well.

    Good luck with things.
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    To Sailorwifey,

    Did they happen to mention to you when exactly the first board is? Or does anyone out there know? I was told end of september?

    What type of unit are you working on? Are you applying for a med/surg nurse or some other specialty? How was your recruitment process?

    I wouldn't say being a new grad is an automatic no so keep head up! How long have you been a new grad?
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    Quote from SailorWifey
    Just looking for other FY2013 DA hopefuls! My paperwork was submitted to be considered at the first board... Anyone else in the same boat? Also, I am a new grad but am working at a large university hospital. Does anyone know what the chances for a new grad are? Perhaps people from other years can weigh in. From what I've read, being a new grad is basically an automatic no TIA!
    I too have my package in, I had a bad recruiter last year so I missed my chance to get my stuff in in time last year so I have been working on this since February of 2011
    It is all in and I am hoping to be considered in the first board. My resume is med/surg and now I am a Cardiac progressive RN. I am just so nervous last year there was 96 applicants 34 accepted and 14 wait listed. So fingers crossed and I hope you guys get in too!:heartbeat
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    I was told the board would meet at the beginning of FY2013 which is October. I was not given an exact date so we'll see!
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    Thanks pamelarn06. I know i have been told several different things. I was told that they start looking at packets during september and would possibly meet at the end of last week of september. But again, i also heard numbers come out october 1 and that they would meet after that. who knows...

    Appreciate your input.

    Anyone out there close to VA, DC or MD???

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