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Hello. I have seen many questions posted about the recruiting, the military, and future military experiences, I wanted to start a Q & A forum where you can ask questions related to the military from someone who is in the... Read More

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    I was a Hospital Corpsman in the Coast Guard back in the mid 70s. I was 19 years old, young, dumb, and bullet proof. Today I am 56 years old and would like to offer a wee bit of advice: If you go in and you like the military or if you are even luke-warm about it, STAY FOR 20!!!!

    I liked the USCG and would have stayed except my wife hated it. Had I stayed for 20, I would be receiving 1/2 of the pay that the current (factoring in promotions) W-3 would make, roughly $2800 per month. Now think about this a minute; I would have been receiving close to that amount since I was 39. So for the last 17 years I would have received over $571,000!!! Also factor in I would have been working during that time as well. There is no other job where a regular guy can retire from (unless your a Wall Street banker or drug dealer and they're not regular guys) and do that well after ONLY 20 YEARS!!!

    I do not have many regrets accumulated over my life, BUT not staying in the military is one of my biggest!!!

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    Too short of a time to get a job as a CNA job in an ICU. However, I should be having my preceptorship in an ICU unit here. I do want to eventually go back and become a CRNA but I want to do some other things first such as be a apart of a FRSS unit, and flight nursing. I have not been told to contact my detailer yet so I don't know my orders and won't till about March. Thanks for all the info.

    Jeff-Definitely will be staying in for that long or longer. Grew up as an Air Force brat and plan to make this a long career.
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    The military retirement system is far different now than it was for those of us who came in in the 70's. My husband is retired AirForce and reitred in 1995 - yep he is still working too.

    However, the retirement system has changed.
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    I actually had some questions but felt some trepidation about asking as most of the respondents are speaking a different language. Ill try to make this short.
    After 5 years of nursing I spoke to a recruiter about joining. He realized that I already had my RN and eventually connected me with an AMEDD recruiter who after talking to me awhile basically said I had to get my BSN. I did, graduated in May, and after some runaround finally got in touch with another representative who said that now I am too old. Before I graduated the cutoff was 40 something but now its 30 something (I'm 37). I figured oh well, but its still bugging me. Perhaps I am too old and it wasn't meant to be but I don't see the harm in exploring all my options. I transferred to the unit so now I have that experience as well. Would they really discount an experienced provider due to age? I have at least another 20 years of work in me, probably more. I fully intend on getting my Master's. I was originally looking at the Army but I would consider another branch.
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    I'm toying around with the idea of joining the Navy, but the only specialty I want to do is OR nursing. I'm a RN, BSN with 1 year OR experience (at a level 1 trauma center if that helps?). What are the chances I end up in the OR with the Navy? Do you end up on whatever unit they want and then you have to apply to change?
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    Gypsyd8: The Navy's age limit is 38, I think (99% sure). I know that the Army has a a little higher age limit. I would get started asap if you are thinking about the Navy. The application process can take a while. Good Luck.
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    Sheepwithagun: Not a problem. They are usually pretty good about getting people into the OR right away, especially if you have some experience first. But like everything about the military nothing is 100%. The Navy also has a periop program that you may be interested in. I don't have any details about it, you would have to talk to a OR nurse about those specifics.
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    Quote from navyman7
    Gypsyd8: The Navy's age limit is 38, I think (99% sure). I know that the Army has a a little higher age limit. I would get started asap if you are thinking about the Navy. The application process can take a while. Good Luck.
    According to the Navy website, the Navy's age range is 18 to 41: Nurse : Health Care : Careers & Jobs : America’s Navy:
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    I am planning on submitting my application this year. I am curious on what to expect as a Navy Nurse. Is working in the hospital on a Naval base similar as the civilian world? Meaning do they do 12 hour shifts? Also how many times have you been deployed in your career? Thank you for starting this discussion.
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    Hi! Im a licensed RN, finishing my BSN this May. Is having some clinical experience a must when joining navy reserves? Also, they say one has to be in good physical shape. How "good" you have to be? Im fit, but relatively I have to meet certain physical reqs (like 50 push-ups, etc)? Thank you in advance!

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