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This is a thread for all of the people that are going to BOLC at Ft. Sam Houston in March 2011. Feel free to ask questions, make friends, etc.... Read More

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    Also, if you all haven't found this site yet, go here and explore:

    There is a ton of good info there, as well as here:

    So excited!!!

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    I can't believe you guys still don't have orders... okay well I can believe it!

    Ashley, I lived in Korea for a bit when my husband was stationed there. Will you be at Yongsan? I really liked it, my husband hated it.
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    I think the poor Accessions Branch is tearing out their collective hair, waiting for the funding to come through. Should happen very very soon, from what I've heard. Yes, I'm still waiting as well!
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    No orders still? Yikes!!!!!!!
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    Got my orders last night in the mail. Felt relieved to know I have them but reality is starting to sink in. Report date in 15 days...yikes!
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    Dang, I feel like I'm the only one still waiting!! Lol.
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    Lunah, I'm right there with you. Still no orders!! However, I did just receive an e-mail from my TAC officer saying that I'm enrolled in the Prep Course. Does anyone know if everyone without military experience goes to that class because this is the first time I'm hearing about this. The report day is tomorrow! And I'm in Delaware still... without orders. Kind of freaking out. Anybody have any info to throw my way?
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    i'm there with you too, still nothing! even my recruiter is starting to question if i'll really be in the march group. ashleyot, i don't know about the pre-course, but i wish i did seeing as i don't have any prior military experience and could definitely benefit from it! good luck!! adl11, i'm so glad there's someone who's spent time in korea; i'll definitely be picking your brain about it lol, hope that's ok! i think it will be the 121csh/brian allgood army community hospital at yongsan--but i'm still not sure. bolc video, check it out and get psyched!! lol
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    AshleyOT: In the email today it says "BOLC 11-113 Prep course" but they're just saying BOLC is the prep course... as I got the same email, have orders and am definitely not going to PRE-BOLC. Probably not the best phrasing!

    Im not prior military and I"m not going to the Pre-BOLC course. I was wondering if it was new and they're randomly pulling direct comm's to go through it to see if it's useful? Best I could come up with.

    AshleyRN, no problem! Id love to answer any questions you might have if I can!
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    AshleyOT, I was going to post what ald11 did -- probably poor wording, but I got the same email. Don't panic!! My request for orders showed 23 March.

    Still no actual orders for me. I feel like that kid picked last for dodgeball at recess ... geez!

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