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Hiring Process for VA (veteran's administration) - page 3

I applied for the VA in TN in July. Got a call for an interview the first week of August. Received a call 3 days later saying i had a tentative offer and had to do the whole process with vetpro and... Read More

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    Quote from GaMommy81
    I have applied for a job at the VA Medical Center in Atlanta. Does anyone have experience with the VA Medical Center in Atlanta (Decatur, GA) as a new grad or a current employee? I am an ADN nurse interested in ICU. Thanks.
    I will be interested in what you hear. I applied for the ICU with only med/surg/Tele experience. The manager saw my rsum at a job fair they had and was interested until she realized I had taken care of the type of patients they have in their ICU, but no ICU experience. So no interview, but never a not selected email. Have patience if you can, because they don't all move fast!!
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    He probably will start in December or January. I applied in July interviewed in August... Was selected a week later and I'm just now starting tomorrow oct 9th! I hear its great. I'll let you know anything I find out!!!!
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    What does it mean if you were offered a tentative position and you don't see any application status update on usajobs.gov? I haven't received an email verifying a final acceptance or rejection.
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    Tentative until clearance on background checks and things of that nature.... The background check is pretty thorough...
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    Thanks! During your experience, when did they ask for an official transcript?
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    Your status on usajobs may never change. That is not always kept up to date. If you have a tentative offer, you will be asked soon for official transcripts. I might contact the schools and ask for them to be sent to you now. I did that and took mine all together to HR. Be sure you don't open them bc if you do, they're not official.
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    My status says my application has been referred to the hiring officer....LOL....I think it'll still be stating that after my retirement!