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I applied for the VA in TN in July. Got a call for an interview the first week of August. Received a call 3 days later saying i had a tentative offer and had to do the whole process with vetpro and... Read More

  1. by   squirtcatt
    Quote from GaMommy81
    I have applied for a job at the VA Medical Center in Atlanta. Does anyone have experience with the VA Medical Center in Atlanta (Decatur, GA) as a new grad or a current employee? I am an ADN nurse interested in ICU. Thanks.
    I will be interested in what you hear. I applied for the ICU with only med/surg/Tele experience. The manager saw my rsum at a job fair they had and was interested until she realized I had taken care of the type of patients they have in their ICU, but no ICU experience. So no interview, but never a not selected email. Have patience if you can, because they don't all move fast!!
  2. by   VACallCenterRN
    He probably will start in December or January. I applied in July interviewed in August... Was selected a week later and I'm just now starting tomorrow oct 9th! I hear its great. I'll let you know anything I find out!!!!
  3. by   biopsychmajor
    What does it mean if you were offered a tentative position and you don't see any application status update on usajobs.gov? I haven't received an email verifying a final acceptance or rejection.
  4. by   VACallCenterRN
    Tentative until clearance on background checks and things of that nature.... The background check is pretty thorough...
  5. by   biopsychmajor
    Thanks! During your experience, when did they ask for an official transcript?
  6. by   pfchang
    Your status on usajobs may never change. That is not always kept up to date. If you have a tentative offer, you will be asked soon for official transcripts. I might contact the schools and ask for them to be sent to you now. I did that and took mine all together to HR. Be sure you don't open them bc if you do, they're not official.
  7. by   RNsRWe
    My status says my application has been referred to the hiring officer....LOL....I think it'll still be stating that after my retirement!