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Hi everyone. I am trying to join the Navy Nurse Corps for FY 2014 (Oct. 2013). I know this is a bit early for a thread like this but I plan on beginning my package in January 2013 to allow maximum... Read More

  1. by   love2013
    I totally agree with. All of this at the end of the month is false. It is just a way for the recruiters to keep up holding on. The problem is congress. They need to sit down and come up with a defense budget so we can all move on. They have a lot of qualified nurses in limbo.
  2. by   love2013
    I pray that January 2014 will be the month that the recruiters receive some numbers. I know for me...I began this journey January 2013 with all my paperwork complete by April 2013 to be told quotas are met and Oct 2013 is the time. Oct 2013....government shutdown.....left all applicants in limbo. On a positive note...I hope all my future DA had a blessed Christmas and a great new years.
  3. by   vinstafa
    So, my recruiter called me earlier today and told me we had to update everything because my 6 month window was coming up. I asked him what the deal was with the numbers for 2014; he told me that from what he was told, they were to be out in January. Getting my hopes up, I contacted all the people that had to redo my references and update them...
    Well, things changed about an hour later. He called me back, after he had spoken with the program manager, and told me that there was going to be an absolute goal of ZERO new nurses when the numbers come out in January, 100% guaranteed(this was said by the program manager to my recruiter). And he asked about next FY, and was told that if the number isn't small, it was going to be zero as well. Things just keep getting better and better.
  4. by   jeckrn
    That really sucks for all of you trying to get I'm the Navy. Sorry to hear that the numbers are that bad.
  5. by   love2013
    When you say NEW nurses...are you talking straight out of school new or new to the Navy new????? So they are only looking for experienced nurses?????
  6. by   vinstafa
    He told me that they were not taking any new DA, and it doesn't have any impact on people that were part of the NCP since they were already pipelined in. It wouldn't hurt for you to contact your recruiter and see if you are told the same. My recruiter has seemed to be on point with everything thus far, but this is the one time I am hoping he is wrong...
  7. by   love2013
    I am going to contact her on Monday. I hope your recruiter is wrong also....LoL.
  8. by   love2013
    My recruiter is ignoring me. I have tried to contact her with no resolve. I am beginning to think that Vinstafa's recruiter was right. If so, what are you all going to do?????
  9. by   PriorPN
    Well, I am going to wait it out. I put too much effort to give up on this. Just working too stay busy. Hubby going through MECP (enlisted to nursing) and they normally should have had the results by this time but he has not heard anything. He is active military. It might have something to do with budget cuts. I think it would change eventually.
  10. by   navywifeRN
    I was told from a reliable source that there will be no DA for FY14 and FY15. I hope that isn't the case but I was encouraged to apply to the reserves. I was told that if I apply to the reserves that I should have no false hope of going from reserves to AD. Hopefully, we hear something official soon...
  11. by   love2013
    That is so unfortunate. I am beginning to believe that it is all true because I have called, texted, and emailed my recruiter with no response.

    So is anyone going to switch to reserves? What are the benefits of being reserves?
  12. by   navywifeRN
    I am personally not doing the reserves. I ultimately want to be active duty. I was told it is almost impossible to transfer from reserves to active duty. I may just wait it out or try another branch. Unfortunately, that means I have to wait until next FY since boards have already been held.
  13. by   vinstafa
    I personally wouldn't even consider the reserves because like someone said, it's basically impossible to go from reserve to active. From my understanding, you can only apply to one branch at a time, so if Navy is for sure a no go next FY as well, I would apply Army. I find it surprising they would keep the NCP and take nurses fresh out of school over people with experience.