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Hi everyone. I am trying to join the Navy Nurse Corps for FY 2014 (Oct. 2013). I know this is a bit early for a thread like this but I plan on beginning my package in January 2013 to allow maximum... Read More

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    Any news? My recruiter has gone MIA since the beginning of the month

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    I haven't heard anything either. Just trying to stay patient...
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    Just got a quick phone call from my recruiter. He said that nothing has changed. He did state that other programs have released their "numbers" but that across the board the Navy has not released anything as far as nursing is concerned. I must say that my heart felt like it skipped a beat when I saw his name pop up on my caller ID.
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    Looks like we are being told the same thing. I was looking at the AF thread for 2014, and apparently they had their board and announce their selections on 10/21. I wonder why they seem to have the ball rolling and the Navy has even put numbers out yet.
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    Just had to sign a few forms that needed to be updated/corrected. This "busy work" is kinda taking my mind off of the fact that the board has not yet met and reviewed a single kit. My recruiter did tell me today that numbers for this FY are all based on the need and not the budget. He said that they take into consideration the number of nurses who "got out" as well as the number of promotions. He and I are both still patiently awaiting to hear any news. Hopefully, the "shut down" will not last too much longer. Not only for our sake , but for the sake of those who are still not working! I did ask him why other branches such as the Air Force have the ability to continue with their process seemingly unaffected by the government shut down and the Navy is at a stand still. He said that each branch does their "own thing".
    What have ya'll been doing to keep busy and try to prevent yourself from going crazy from this waiting game?!?
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    I started growing "an end of the FY beard", that now turned into a "kit to board beard". I think the wife wants the board to meet before I do lol. I wonder if any of the other boards for the Navy has met, like for other professions? Since I have no idea how long this is going to be, I thought about taking another job, but the thought of adding and changing more paperwork is keeping me where I am. Hopefully, the Navy's "own thing" speeds up.
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    I was told that certain scholarship programs have been given the green light but none that are affiliated with nursing. I have personally been trying to get all of the overtime that I can get! It is one thing that I will miss (if and) when I join the Navy.
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    Haha vinstafa your comment made me lol. That is awesome. I should do something similar like not shower although I do not think that would work to my advantage haha
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    My recruiter has too gone MIA. I am waiting semi-patiently foursome response. Gov't...please open.
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    I read that all board for October have been rescheduled, but no dates were released. Also, DoD civilians have or will report back to work, so hopefully that speeds something up. I haven't talked to my recruiter in about a week or so...I guess I'll give him a call on Tuesday just to do so.

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