Army Nurse first duty station- Ft Lewis or Ft Gordon? PLEASE HELP! Army Nurse first duty station- Ft Lewis or Ft Gordon? PLEASE HELP! | allnurses

Army Nurse first duty station- Ft Lewis or Ft Gordon? PLEASE HELP!

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    I am currently a 2LT Army RN at the required BOLC course at Ft. Sam Houston. My first assignment was not on my "wish list" but doable- Ft. Gordon. I wanted some place awesome like Hawaii or Colorado but I was content because I am from NY where my family still is and my boyfriend lives in Orlando, FL (about 6-7 hour drive to Augusta). My best friend lives in Charleston, only 2 hours away from Augusta. So I figured I would be happier in the long run with this location.
    ANYWAY, it is day 3 at BOLC and 7NOV I have a ticket to Augusta, GA but I was approached by another Army RN at BOLC today who badly wants Gordon and would trade me for Ft. Lewis. This triggered a whole new life in my mind and a way more exciting one at that. I love the beach and the mountains and so does my playful dog! I am not sure if I plan to make a career out of the Army so I am afraid another opportunity like this may not come up in my 4years I will definitely be in. I do not know anyone in Seattle but I think I would really like it. I don't want to base the decision off my loved ones (although I know it is a huge factor due to distance) but I want to live up my life while I am young.
    So my question to you all is to those of you who have been stationed at Gordon and/or Lewis....what are the pro's and con's??? I want to work a great hospital and I think Madigan is absolutely fantastic but I figured since Eisenhower is smaller I would get good opportunities in different units. Please let me know ANY tips that you may have. PS- I NEED TO MAKE THIS DECISION ASAP!!!! PLEASE HELP ME ARMY NURSES!!!
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    I have been to Ft.Lewis TDY while stationed at Ft.Bragg (enlisted at the time) and I plan on begging to go there as soon as possible after I graduate! I love it there and have wanted to go back ever since!! The place is nice and the soldiers that I met there really enjoyed it. So close to the California coast! Yes I loved it and I think you should go for it imho!! Good luck! Please let me know how everything goes and how read oblc for you!!
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    Lewis is nice in the summer months but sticks in the winter, mid 30's and drizzle, dark at 430pm.
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    I was stationed at Fort Lewis in 09/10. I loved it there. A Lot of things to do outdoors; such as natural rain forest, great fishing, cruise to Alaska. Then there is always the big city of Seattle.

    The downside:

    A LOT of RAIN and Drizzle. (part of living near a rainforest).
    PT is done in the rain.... Wait. your an officer. scratch that. All us enlisted know medical officers only do PT 2x a year. at testing time. :P
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    I stationed at Fort Lewis for just under four years as an enlisted. I would love to go back as an officer. Even as enlisted I worked in the ER at Madigan and it was pretty cush. Always wished I could go back and maybe now when I finish my degree in May I would jump at the chance to go back.
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    Never been to Gordon but Lewis was really nice. Its a beautiful part of the country. I'd never pay to live there but if you're getting BAH, it would be great.
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    It does cost alot more to live a Lewis. What does your boyfriend think about only being together only once or twice a year vs. once or twice a month? As I stated before the area around Lewis is beatiful 4-6 months a year but the other dark and damp. It is like Ft. Drum, nice 4-6 months a year and then cold & snowy. Both hospitals are Med Cens.