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Hey everybody, I'm starting a thread here for those applying to the Army Nurse Corps in FY2013. I figure this might be a good place to get to know other future nurse corps officers and a place for... Read More

  1. by   jeckrn
    FYI, I was deployed with a site director clinical portion for of the Army's CRNA program who stated that there is a very poor graduation rate for nurses over the age of 38. The reason I am telling you this is just to help you make an informed decision and in no way telling you not to go for it if that is what you want. Also, the VA CRNA program is run by the military services.

    There is no guarantee that if you join the military you will be assigned to the ICU unless it is in writing. One way to do that is to have ICU course written into your commissioning contract.

    Can not tell you how compative it is to get into the VA program but in the Army it is one of the most requested grad schools.

    You need to speak with a Healthcare Recruiter for the Army & AF along with the VA to see which one would give you the best chance of getting into the CRNA program.
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  2. by   bnizi
    Hello everyone,
    I am currently working on getting my packet all together, and I am so glad that I found this forum. I am a recent new grad from a BSN program in May 2012 and I have been working in a level 2 trauma center since that time. I just started with my recruiter but I have everything worked out so I should be able to finish my packet with no problem by the October selection board. From what I have been told by my recruiter, this year for active duty they are taking 10 nurses with more than 2 years experience and 10 nurses with less, is this true or has anyone heard anything like this? Also, I am wondering if there is anything anyone could suggest to make myself a bit more appealing to the selection board. I am afraid that my GPA is not really impressive enough to totally capture the board's attention so I need to find something more. I did get PALS and ACLS certified, is there anything else that I can do to shine a little brighter? I understand that as a new grad, just by the nature of time, I will not have a extensive profession record but I really want to put my best foot out there. I know it's a long shot but I thought I'd really try and maybe I'd get lucky who knows. Any and all advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   AjaxAndronicus
    Hey Bnizi,

    . I actually have heard no numbers mentioned on active duty, the only thing my recruiter has told me is that they are unsure of their mission this year i.e. how many nurses they need.

    Selection board is getting closer and closer! Good luck to everybody!
  4. by   leekun2010
    the numbers they need are smaller now bc theyre cutting down the army (according to my unit company commander and first sergeant)

    just apply anyway and make sure you make copies of everything! and make sure your recruiter wont mess you up and dont let them rush you if they do. and oh you need to do a personal statement with your packet about why join the army. just a reminder if you havent done so yet)
  5. by   bnizi
    Thank you for getting back to me, I have completed my personal statement and my references are working hard at getting all of those complete as well. I am really trying to stay positive about all of this, even though it may seem like a one in a million shot for a new grad. But like Leekun said, I am going to apply anyways and hopefully something good will happen and I will get my dream position!
  6. by   migz
    I'm working on a commission as a 1LT in the Reserve; 66HM5 (ER nurse). The board approved my packet, and now I just waiting on a waiver for my prior service re-enlistment code. I should know within a few weeks, so that would probably put me going to BOLC this winter or next spring.
  7. by   lizzardmommy
    USAGPAN? What is this? Sorry I am so green at all of this. Is this different than the Army Nurse Corps? I was originally told that they take 100 nurses, 20 new grads and 80 experienced nurses. Not sure the breakdown though as to how many specifically are critical care. I can't believe it is so few. I am so hopeful. I want this so much!
  8. by   lizzardmommy
    Oh one more thing, I got constructive credit for 2.5 of the 5 years I have been an RN even though I have only been a BSN since March 2012 and an ADN before that. Also, I was told that having my CCRN would have helped me greatly but I applied to test and am unable to get a test date before boards at the end of Oct. I passed Medical....big relief at 34 yrs of age...and I lost 44 pounds to do it. I was damn proud of myself as some of those 17 year olds were getting taped at medical and I weighed in no problem. How will we all get through the waiting this next month....all the nail biting!
  9. by   nursespouse
    USAGPAN is the Army school for CRNA. BTW it was voted the number 1 program in the nation also. BTW are you in for the AMEDD board for the 5th of november. If so I have a question about your constructive credit. My wifes recruiter told her everything in her CV was accepted including her Critical Care Course directly after BOLC, but said that her constructive credit wasnt mentioned in the CV acceptance. I asked her, if she made sure to include it in the CV and she said she did, but that they made no comment in the acceptance document on whether it was accepted. So basically, was the 2.5 year offically remarked on in your CV acceptance?
    And I see you have that they are accepting 100 nurses. I was told they will only be taking 40.
  10. by   AjaxAndronicus
    Hey all,

    Been busy wrapped up in work things for the past few weeks.

    So here's what I know, my recruiter told me the board starts the week of Oct. 14th and goes through Nov. Right now my packet is complete and awaiting student loan info from lendors for Health Professions Loan Repayment Program. Once loan papers are in my recruiter told me that we will "sign papers"....I'm thinking this is the last stage for commissioning? Actually signing a contract with the Army... Anyways, more hurry up and wait... getting lots of practice with patience Good luck to all you nurses our there applying to the ANC. I hope ya'll get what you want and commission to the ANC!

    Saw a quote today I think appropriate for this time of year with commission boards on the horizon,

    "Remember, that it is the actions, and not the commission, that make the
    Officer–and that there is more expected from him[or her] than the Title." - George Washington

    Good luck to everyone.

  11. by   lizzardmommy
    I emailed my recruiter to ask about what he knows reguarding the number of applicants that they are accepting this year and haven't heard back yet (this isn't unusual for my recruiter). I had originally been told 100 but, am now seeing much lower numbers on theses boards. Also, as far as the constructive credit I included my time of course as and ICU nurse on my CV, however, it was in a different area of the application process that my recruiter actually recorded my constructive credit. I asked him to reccomend me for a 1Lt as I have 5 years experience and he said he could only reccomend as I only get 2.5 years constructive credit for the 5 years. If that helps at all. I too am going for the loan repayment and am now wondering what paperwork your speaking of because I have filled out none only have told my recruiter that this is the incentive that I am choosing. I am going to be on his tail again come Monday I guess. My paperwork is also in and MEPs is behind me, however, I am still working on my plan B if I don't get in and on my physical fitness stuff. I appreciate all of your input, it helps so much!
  12. by   nursespouse
    no no, I didnt mean my wife did the paperwork, the recruiter is the one that does it. They receive an email after they submit it, showing what all was approved. I just thought, how you wrote it, that your recruiter had confirmation in that acceptance email that says you are getting your 2.5 years approved. My wifes recruiter did the same, but told her that she will not know how much time in grade she will receive until after the board. So you know, and you may already know, ther are certain certifications that you get 6 months of time in grade also, like my wife already has the CMSRN which added 6 months of that constructive credit. I thought I read somewhere you were an ICU nurse so I would imagine you have some of those certs.

    I also wanted to give you some tips on things that helped my wife with her pushups and situps so far.
    one hundred push ups
    two hundred sit-ups

    I am prior service, and when we first started this idea of her joining i gave her a PT test. She could not do 1 pushup. and could only manage around 15 situps. After she started these two programs, mixed in with me randomly making her do pushups throughout the day. she is now up to around 25 pushups before resting in the arched position, and usually pops out three at a time until the two minutes is up from there, so she is getting a good 35-40 pushups now. Her situps have risen to around 60 depending on the day.

    The trick is that when you are practicing your pushups and situps, do not cheat yourself. When it says to max out, then you should max out until you reach muscle failure. and practice how you fight. Meaning do not drop to your knees and do fake pushups, it isnt helping you. DO them correctly as much as you can. then, throughout the day just drop and start knocking them out. When it comes time to do any wieght training work on your core, your triceps, biceps, and chest.

    when it comes to the run, literally the best thing is to just keep running. everyday if you have to. some will say take time off between runs. Ideally, that is the case. But, you arent in an ideal situation. If you are accepted by the NOV.5 board, then you could potentially head to the first BOLC after the board which is in January. Of course you could go later, but it is best to be prepared before you go.

    I wish you the best of luck, and if you get in and make it to San Antonio, I will tell my wife to look for you and randomly give yo a high five lol.
  13. by   MTBerRN
    Hey all,

    Does anyone know if you get constructive credit for being an ACLS instructor/BLS instructor, CCRN, and the ICU designation? I'm just curious because I have not been told about this by my recruiter. I will ask, but thus far given no information on the subject. I was accepted into the USAGPAN program and am sending in my packet for the final decision board here in the next few days. I have ~3 yrs strictly CVICU experience and curious as to where I would come in in the ranks...? Just wondering what counts for credit and what doesn't I guess.


    btw congratz to all those who are going in as Army Nurses... a pre thank-you for your service.