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Watching the Presidential debate tonight and a statement by Obama made my head turn. He was relating a story when a corpsman was stating that he has treated wounded soldiers but when he became a civilian he could not use his... Read More

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    Quote from CountyRat
    I remember the President's remark very specifically. The tone of the statement was what caught my attention. Mr. Obama put a strong emphasis on the work nurse; as in, "he could not [even] get a job as a [mere] NURSE! We have to change that!" Words in brackets are my additions to convey the tone of the President's comment. I believe that is what Mr. Obama was trying to convey. If you prefer, read the statement without the inserted words. What do you think? I must say, it rankled this old nurse.
    Well, anyone can become the mere President. Actors, governors, Senators, CIA Directors, Generals, failed businessmen, etc.
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    I absolutely agree! Minnesota is defiantly old fashioned nursing. However, I feel that it is ignorance on the MN Nursing Boards part. Like what was shown here on this thread is a lack of knowledge on our training. I guarantee there is not one member of the MN nursing board that has served or was a medic. I had planned to propose a bill or some sort of proposition to my congressman in regards to challenging the boards for PN long before but this assignment will make it easier because I plan to follow up and continue with it until I retire as a nurse.
    *** Well good luck. For the life of me I never understand why veterans come to Minnesota to go to college when other states are so much more vet friendly.

    Furthermore, I believe that individual nurse practice acts for each state should not exist. Nurse practice acts should be standardized at a national level. There is no reason for a nurse to be able to do one thing in one state and not in another state.
    *** Well we will have to agree to disagree. Seems appropiate to me that a nurse practicing independantly in rural Alaska migh have a different scope of practice than a nurse working in a teaching hospital in NY City. My problem with the one size fits all is whos NP act will you follow? If it's one of the bette rones then fine. But what if it is modeled on the worst state practice acts, like Alabama's for example.
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    I successfully challenged the board (RN-NCLEX) in 93 in West Virginia and am finally completing my BSN from Excelsior College (December 8th!). Independent duty Navy Corpsmen and 7 skill level Air Force medics also qualify.

    West Virginia Code
    30-24-2. Qualification for examination for license as a registered professional nurse. Any person who has served on active duty in the medical corps of any of the armed forces of the United States and who has successfully completed the course of instruction required to qualify him for rating as a medical specialist advanced, medical service technician or advanced hospital corpsman technician, or other equivalent rating in his particular branch of the armed forces, and whose service in the armed forces was under honorable conditions, may submit to the West Virginia board of examiners for registered professional nurses, a photostatic copy of the certificate issued to him certifying successful completion of such course of instruction, a photostatic copy of his discharge from the armed forces, an application for a license as a registered professional nurse and the prescribed license fee.]
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    As a former USMC corpsman, paramedic now LVN in just bout every department in countless hospitals (registry) and staff I can honestly my training exceed that of a RN sorry but it did , I worked as team doc for recon team I saw my own patients n wrote orders,sutures,IV s. The attitude is very simular to what I'm reading on these post RN s questioning our training but after working with me and seeing what can do especially in the ER I have made good friends that I think have a different perspective on corpsman Ironically not that long ago independent duty hm s challenged the RN boards but we are closer to P A s matter of fact that's why p a s were created in 60s
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    I'm so glad you posted this!!
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    As a corpsman about graduate from a BSN program I can say that corpsman should not be able to test for an RN license.. The knowledge that you need to have as an RN is far more than is taught in corpsman school.. Depending on where you are, corpsman are very similar to MA's and EMT's
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    Corpsman can already challenge nursing boards however our job especially as I D C corpsman is closer to P A
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    Thank you man for your post as a former H M
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    What bout I D C corpsman ?and I disagree with you by the way! I've been a nurse for 12 years now in all dept but E R is my home
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    Yes absolutely IDC's are comparable to PA's. I never worked very closely with an IDC during my time as a Corpsman, but it sounded like a nice job!

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