Air Force Nursing Selection Boards Nov 2016 - page 13

Did anyone else apply for the November 2016 USAF Nurse boards? I am applying as a fully qualified ER Nurse (46N3J). Today (Dec 2) was the earliest day the board may have released results, but nothing... Read More

  1. by   Free2live
    Quote from lgs853
    Hi Free2live

    I have 7 yrs of surgical technologist experience and 10 yrs of OR nursing experience.

    Don't let my experience change your mind. If you have the heart and desire to want to serve than charge forward and apply to make your dream come true

    Wow! Yes, you sound very qualified !
    I can't remember if there's a limit to how many times you can apply so I'm trying to be sure I use the attempts wisely lol
  2. by   Free2live
    Attempted to delete this--
    I spoke to the recruiter and got some answers.