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  1. 1 Hello guys! I've been reading all the Air Force nursing posts and threads for a few months now, but it doesn't seem like there's been much activity on people applying this July for NTP. I'm just looking for other people who've applied and are twiddling their thumbs like me!! Anyone out there applying for the NTP and not COT?!
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    I'm not applying, but just FYI: every nurse who didn't do ROTC has to do COT.

    New grads (<1 year experience) have to do both COT (essentially 5 weeks of general officer-ship training for new healthcare officers) and NTP (a 12 week technical training program specific to nursing).

    Experienced nurses nurses only do COT before reporting to their first base.
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    I know, I meant to say FQ but some people have just been referring to FQ as COT. I'm looking for people applying to NTP, not FQ
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    Hello Guys!

    I'm also applying to the NTP Board for July 2014. Camo-angel, I have also been trying to keep tabs on the military threads. Seems like there's a lot less ruckus this year compared to the previous ones for the selection board.
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    Finally, someone else who is applying this July! Just curious what you have heard from your recruiter. Any idea on when you think we will hear something? Have you already graduated, or are you graduating soon? Let me know anything further about the selection year.
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    I just graduated. Taking the NCLEX soon. The only thing my recruiter told me, is the selection board convenes sometime in July. Based upon last years USAF NTP thread, people found out early August whether or not they were 1.) Select, 2.) Alternate, or 3.) Non-Select.

    As for logistics, I really have no clue how many applicants they are selecting this year. If its similar to last year, I'm guessing around 35 again. This military downsizing definitely isn't friendly to our odds, but it's definitely worth the shot. Have you guys heard any of the info for this year?
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    My recruiter told me today that they were meeting this week. Possibly starting today and that we should know by the end of this month. Anybody else hear that? Just curious, anyone else with prior military experience? I have 9 1/2 years as a nickel rescue swimmer. Do they accept new students, I have read so many different things. I have no idea what to expect.
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    This NTP selection board is meant for any nurse with less than 6 months of RN-BSN experience. As opposed to the Fully Qualified (FQ) selection board which is meant for experienced nurses.

    I definitely think prior military experience is a huge plus. They do accept new graduate nurses to this selection board --- But they definitely need something in their application to stand out.
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    I'm graduating in August and applied for the NTP. My recruiter mentioned he hopes to be notified about selection status sometime in the beginning of August. Good luck everyone!
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    I have my associates degree, 8 years experience in pcu/tele., home health, iv therapy. I am starting my BSN soon.
    Would they accept me prior to getting my BSN? I want to get my fnp training in Air Force.
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    You have to be finishing your bsn in less than a year.
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    Hi! I applied for the NTP this year. Do you already have experience as an RN? I am graduating this month and would need to complete 5 weeks of COT before starting the NTP. I do know the board met on July 8th and my recruiter was hoping to receive results by July 28th. Have you heard anything yet?
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    Yes, my recruiter said they met on the eighth also and that we should know by the end of the month. I have nine and half years experience as a Navy rescue swimmer, and two years experience in the hospital as an aid, but nothing as a RN. I have also been doing nursing research for a year. I graduate in December and would report for training in February if excepted. Just curious, if anybody else wants to share their information. Just looking at how the candidates are shaping up. I should finish with a 3.95 and a couple of honor societies. Hopefully, that'll be enough :-) good luck everybody!
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