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Anybody else going to the April 5th 2011 NTP boards for selection? Anybody already selected and waiting to go to COT? Im wondering, if selected in this board, how long before I would go to COT??... Read More

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    I thought there was only one board this year for FY12... that is what I was told by my recrutier. I am trying to get my application soon for end of June. Also, I was told I could submit my application without having the Chief Nurse interview - and I have two weeks after submission to get the interview done... is this in a regulation? Doesn't make sense to me since it is important piece. Anyone have an idea?

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    You can find some useful info @
    I went to the OTS 2007 Mar class. The 1st week was horriable, but everybody survived. Now I really enjoy my nursing career in AF.

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