Active Duty Navy Direct Accession FY 2017 - page 4

Greetings! I am a RN with about 1 years medsurg experience looking to apply for FY 2017 to the Navy for direct accession. Anyone else out there working on their packet or that have already submitted... Read More

  1. by   Chelle2013RN
    Anyone else get accepted recently?

    I completed my packet and it will be going to the boards soon. How long did you guys wait to receive news? I'm trying to get into critical care, my recruiter said slots are still open. However I've only been a critical care nurse for about 7 months and currently working on trying to get my hours to take the CCRN. I was a Med Surg nurse for about 2.5 years prior to moving to the ICU. Any advice would help. I'm hoping I get it.
  2. by   Scotzman
    Can I ask if you had any certs (CEN)? Also, what was your prior enlistment, HM? How long have you been in the ED? Thanks, trying to find out what the board is looking for.
  3. by   SBSN
    Have you already been credentialed for Critical Care?
  4. by   texlak
    For anyone that applied to Med-Surg I received word from my recruiter that my packet had been submitted to the board several days ago and they were requesting more information. I was told originally that the board would meet last October.