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I am a recently licensed new graduate nurse. I am interested in pediatric oncology and mental health, specifically those who serve or have served in the military suffering from PTSD.

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  1. DiscGolfNurse

    Adult med-surg to peds? Advice...

    Any luck yet? I found a position on a peds heme/onc unit and I’ve been here for about a year.
  2. DiscGolfNurse

    APU 2+2 SUMMER 2019

    Great question! It’s really up to you and what kind of note taking you like best. What I ended up doing that stuck throughout the program and helped me most was printing out the PowerPoints (you can print out the slides with 6 slides in each page) and then took notes during lecture. To be honest if you bring a laptop it’s going to distract you because you can surf the internet but you can always bring it and track along with the PowerPoint as they’re speaking. Taking hand written notes on the printed slides is the easiest way to keep up since the lectures are so jam packed with information.
  3. DiscGolfNurse

    APU 2+2 SUMMER 2019

    I believe that is only an option for the LVN to BSN program? This thread is for the 2+2 program and since people have no medical background usually prior to this program I don’t think it is an option to test out of those classes.
  4. DiscGolfNurse

    APU 2+2 SUMMER 2019

    You will get a booklist at orientation. You can rent most of your books however you utilize your first semester books in subsequent classes so I would buy them used if possible but purchasing them is your best bet because you use them for care plans and projects in future semesters as a reference.
  5. DiscGolfNurse

    APU 2+2 SUMMER 2019

    If you are selected for admission during orientation they will have a financial aid representative from main campus available for you to discuss loan options for paying for school. There are also local scholarships provided in the area that you can apply for as well!
  6. DiscGolfNurse

    Late to clinical

    You're human. a huge part of being a nurse is adapting and adapting to stress. how you respond to this will say more than the fact that you were late. Professors have a standard to uphold but one tardy arrival won't throw off your whole career, that is, if you don't let it. its bound to happen in real life too. As a practicing RN I have been late to work as a result of traffic that I had no control over even when I left with plenty of time. Just be transparent. Own your mistake. Correct and make a plan so that it doesn't happen again. No biggie!
  7. DiscGolfNurse

    Senior practicum in oncology unit

    There is LOTS to do on an oncology unit as a student. You also get to observe things that most students don't ever see. The beauty of being on a med-surg oncology unit is that you get med-surg, plenty of hands on skills, and in oncology you may observe more but you get to see things like accessing a port and administering chemo and taking care of an oncology patient. Volunteer for any opportunity thats available and offer to help anyone with any tasks they need assistance with and you will get so much out of it!
  8. DiscGolfNurse

    Nursing School Burnout/Rant....Help

    My first bit of advice to all new students coming into our nursing program is, "if you're a straight A student before nursing school, you won't be IN nursing school." Not to say some people don't get straight A's but what I'm really speaking to is this desire to be a perfect student. Nursing school has a HUGE learning curve and if you think you're getting it, or its too easy? then you're doing it wrong. Academics a hugely important but a perfect GPA doesn't matter when you take the NCLEX or when you go for your interview. Focus on understanding the material and WHY we do things as nurses. THAT is what saves lives and what our patients need. To always be asking why and never stop learning for our patients.
  9. DiscGolfNurse

    APU 2+2 SUMMER 2019

    I highly recommend relocating to the high desert area if possible. Most places to rent if you group up with other members of your cohort, are quite affordable. The commute is very variable especially once you get to the pass. If there’s one accident on that part of the freeway, you’re late. Yes most of the clinical are mostly in the HD but some can be in LA and or “down the hill” as they say which is anything at the bottom of the cajon pass. Sometimes people from the campus are renting rooms so you can always call and ask Margie or someone if they know of any rooms for rent.
  10. DiscGolfNurse

    APU 2+2 SUMMER 2019

    See! Your answer comes sooner than you think! Congrats! You are going to love the entire journey of becoming a nurse especially with the staff at this campus
  11. DiscGolfNurse

    APU 2+2 SUMMER 2019

    The waiting times vary because they interview so many people. Don’t worry they will notify with plenty of time for you to get what you need together. I know it’s hard to wait but the wait will be even harder when you’re waiting for your ATT (authorization to test for your NCLEX) and then waiting for your NCLEX results enjoy the process because before you know it, it’ll all be over!
  12. DiscGolfNurse

    APU 2+2 SUMMER 2019

    Hey y’all! I’m a previous graduate of this program, prior Student Nurse President, and now registered nurse! I graduated in July of 2015! If you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to ask good luck!
  13. DiscGolfNurse

    How do you administer your chemo?

    We give ours via baxter sigma IV pumps. We prime a primary line with NS and labeled chemotherapy and then the chemo comes up from pharmacy spiked and primed with NS. We connect it as a secondary above the IV pump and then program the pump as a primary for the chemo and run the chemo out of the secondary line completely. Then when it meets the Y and has all emptied into the primary line we flush the rest of the chemo out of the primary line. Some chemos we administer via syringe pump and same rules apply with flushing the remaining chemo.
  14. DiscGolfNurse

    Advice for new Ped-Hemonc Nurse

    Such great advice already on this thread. Taking care of yourself if highly important. On my unit we have lost 3 kiddos within the last 3 months all from different cancers and they all sting the same. Dealing with loss is always difficult but with children, personally, its s different kind of difficult because of the innocence and the time that they are robbed of. As far as everyone asking you why you chose that field, be honest and quite frankly their opinion doesn't matter. Working on peds heme/onc is 90% of the time the most fun you will ever have at work. I laugh more at this job than I have at any other unit I've been on. Theres a lovely article written about peds heme/onc by a nurse called "the happy floor". Look it up and read it. So accurate. Treat them like kids, play with them, empathize with their parents, and have fun and learn a lot. You will bond with their parents and the kiddos themselves and thats okay. They spend so much time with you during some of the most vulnerable moments of their life so you become important to each other. Enjoy! Its equally rewarding and heartbreaking but it will be the biggest blessing of your life!
  15. DiscGolfNurse

    Rady children's hiring process

    I usually just call HR and ask as to the status of my application. If you interviewed with the manager of the unit she is most likely busy 90% of the working day. You could also possibly ask for an email to reach her for follow up. Good luck!
  16. DiscGolfNurse

    Day in the Life of a Peds Onc RN

    Being a pediatric oncology nurse is an absolute privilege and honor. To bond so closely with a child and their family in such a vulnerable time in their lives is a blessing. Those parents begin to trust you with their child and there is no greater privilege. I love being a nurse and even more I love being a peds heme/onc nurse. My patients are my heroes.

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