5 minute Prone Float Navy

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    I have been practicing for the navy swim test and I feel confident in all areas except floating prone for 5 min. It seems as though I sink lower and lower every time I come up for a breath. I would love suggestions on how to overcome this. Thanks!

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    Remember your lungs full of air are what is keeping you afloat. When you go to take a breath, exhale and quickly turn your head to the side and take a nice deep breath (being careful not to suck in water). A soon as your lungs are empty you will sink so you want to do it all in one smooth motion. It's a similar motion to how you breath while swimming the freestyle stroke.
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    Is the Navy swim test done at ODS or prior?


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    You need take deep breaths and RELAX. The more you tense up, the harder it is to just keep afloat on the top of the water. Once you relax, it's easy.
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    You have to pass the swim test prior to graduating from ODS, otherwise there will be painful remediation.
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    It also helps to spread your arms & legs out to your sides.
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    Thanks for the advice. I will keep trying. I think staying relaxed is the hard part for me.
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    They also let you do this bobbing up and down type thing for the 5 minutes if you aren't comfortable with the prone position.
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    How long do you have to tread water? I've heard five minutes.
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    You jump off the platform 2 at a time. Then you swim one at a time whichever stroke you choose. Then you do the clothing flotation (super easy, they coach you thru it), then the prone float. I don't recall treading water for the swim test.

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