What to do with nurse who is constantly critizing?

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    At the end of my shift the next shift comes on and all this nurse does is criticize absolutely everything I do!!!!! I cannot do anything right in her eyes. The other nurses can't stand her either. I want to be left alone at the end of my shift so I can finish my charting and go home. Tonight I am not going to respond to any of her comments I am just going to ignore her and do my work. Any other suggestions? Thanks

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    "Hey, I'm trying to work here." Then chart.
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    Call her on it. "Why do you feel the need to comment on everything I do?"
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    Since she doesn't supervise you, just tune her out. I've discovered people like that don't usually go away, but they will often switch targets if the current one won't react.

    You might remind her that she will get a complete update when report begins.
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