What time do your CNA's do their first rounds on 11-7?

  1. 0 The CNA's usually do their last rounds around 5am. I am finding wet patients and am told "I haven't finished my first rounds yet." So what time do you think is reasonable for the first rounds to be finished by on the 11-7 shift? Thanks
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    You kind of threw me for a loop there by asking about FIRST rounds but then mentioning LAST rounds... do you mean first rounds as in when they first come on shift?

    As per what I see at my facility (I also work 11-7) my CNAs finish first rounds around 11:45pm-12:00am... this is with a CNA:resident ratio of approximately 1:12. They should not have that many wet patients when coming on shift because 3-11 practically just finished changing residents and putting residents to bed... but it all depends....
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    I also work 11-7. Our CNA's do an initial walkthrough with the previous shift. All residents must be in a satisfactory condition before our CNA's assume responsibility. Any deficiencies are corrected on the spot. After that walkthrough they usually collect required VS and then stock the linen carts. The next round is generally started before midnight and then Q 2hrs. The "final" round includes getting assigned residents up and assisting with ADL's, which can last until 0630 or so. The ratio is about 1:15. Our shift then finishes with a walkthrough with the oncoming shift.

    The walkthrough is great because it keeps the "blame game" in check and gives the nurses the ability to hold folks accountable when someone is slacking.
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    Ideally 3-11 should do a final round before they Leave. Our aides start first rounds around 0030/0045 and go until about 0200, then they do a mini-round around 0400 where they take certain people to the BR and empty catheter bags and then final rounds at 0500.
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    Hmm I might have to implement walking rounds with my CNAs as well. I constantly get a little blame game going between the afternoon and night shifts and perhaps that will solve it...
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    12 hr shifts handle the shift wars nicely. You get report from the person you will report to in the morning.

    I did "first rounds....I called them "eyeball rounds" you can do it walking to put your stuff away. Hi, I'm Pat, you are my patient tonight until 6:45 when I will be giving report to your next nurse.

    Say I have 15 patients (I know that's unreasonable)...So 15 patients, 15 eyeballs,15 patients still breathing, not on floor, not wandering in the lobby, 15 information exchanges-takes about 17-20 minutes. They can see who you are, they know you just got there (handbag, sweater whatever). they can see you haven't settled in. Believe it or not, this WORKS. I've been doing Nursing for 39 years and was a med tech for 7 years before that.

    Pat, RN
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    Most of our CNAs work 12 hour shifts, but we do have some that work 2300-0700. When they do, they usually get there by 2245, get report from the CNA(s) and start doing their rounds which include getting vitals for 0000 (tele floor, vitals are usually Q4H). As far as the last round, they usually start doing that by 0530-0600. If we have a lot of total care patients, they will start earlier. I always want to get that last peri pad/bed change completed before the next shift comes on.
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    Rounds In our facility on the 10-6 shift are at 11-1-3-5. The 5am round is the heaviest due to all the get-ups that days wants up when they come on shift
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