The state is coming the state is coming

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    Jesus all I hear is STATE STATE STATE it is driving me even more crazy then my LTC already makes me. I work 3-11 shift was 7-3 but changed because 7-3 was just way to much for a nurse new to LTC. I do not give a flip about state, am i nervous absolutely, this is a inquiry into how my nursing skills are, do I do my job? absolutely. Is everyone running around like chickens with there head cut off helping me any? NO I already have anxiety issues and they are just making it worse, I just wish that state would come and go already so I can breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    OMG our 3-11 supervisor is driving me crazy. She worries more about all the MARs and TARs being signed and dietary passing out the right amounts of liquids to residents than she does about new admissions and things that are actually going on in the building! The state is coming, the state is coming! When, you might ask? IN MARCH! She's been on this frantic spiral since the start of the month. I work 11-7, trust my staff, and think things are relatively under control. I am not going to get into a tizzy about the state. They likely will find something to give us an F-tag for and I will do everything in my power to avoid it, but it is not the end of the world!
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    State has now entered our building they started on my day off which makes me think that they are going to be there saturday also kinda weird though I thought surveyers dont do weekends and on top of that they are a FREAKING WEEK EARLY
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    To OP _ be aware that survey can occur ANY day of the week, incl weekends AND holidays (rare but definitely possible). And they can come in at ANY time on ANY shift.

    I was UM and I received a phone call on a Sunday evening that the full survey team had arrived (for the supper meal) and I was expected to come in. And as 11-7 super, I knew to prepare my nurses for potential survey supervision (like for their 6am med pass and a possible treatment). I was also given a protocol to follow if they came in for my 11-7.

    So don't feel overly 'safe' because the State 'is everywhere, they're everywhere".

    (I doubt they'll come in for Superbowl Sunday unless early, but they can.)
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    I am thrilled to say we are finished with state survey, they came earlier than expected, but the facility had no deficiencies at all! It is stressful when survey is going on but if you know your job and prepare your staff it's not bad.
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    They will want to see you do treatments.... Wash your hands before and after using gloves....put them right in the trash when done. Maintain privacy for your residents during treatments.

    When being observed for med pass, its possible...
    If you pick a few residents that get accuchecks, insulin, eye drops, nose spray, ear drops, pills, many different types of administration as you can do.... they will move on faster--.

    Make sure everything is dated when opened and you know expiration dates. Usually you can keep a chart of expiration dates on the MARs. Wipe your accucheck off with bleach wipes inbetween patients, make sure they are not expired as well.

    They are your equals, they're licensed nurses at work ...don't sweat it. Do your best and be on your game!
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    Early. State is entering early in our area as well. Our window opens in March. Hmm. Really hope they don't come THAT early.
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    The survey is coming!? The survey is coming!? More like: "Something wicked this way comes".
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    My facility has federal and state survey.....double the fun! Try to keep calm, focus, go by procedure and be honest if you are nervous and make a mistake... asking to start over is better than continuing if you make a mistake.

    It is a relief when they leave for sure
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    Try this one for size, Corporate has been visiting our office for the past week. We're expecting the State in March but hopefully with all we're working on now, we'll actually be prepared!
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