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    Hello everyone,
    I am being interviewed for the second time tomorrow for the Resident Care Coordinator. I dont know what to expect. First interview went well and I am scared for the second one, which is with the executive director!!!. Is anybody out there can tell more on the key responsabilities of a Resident Care Coordinator. How Can I win this interview. I really want to work with Brookdale senior living. Anybody worked with them before. Please help. Any input will be helpful. How to handle a second interview?

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    What is the title mean exactly? Isn't it just being a regular LPN? Saw that somewhere. Hmm.
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    I've been an RCM which is a resident care manager also known as an MDS nurse. Is that what you're being interviewed for?
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    Yeah, MDS is the same I bet. Think they admit new clients?
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    Oh; they do a lot more then that ... don't want to give any advice until I'm sure what the position is.
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    Hmm, Is that position in the greensboro NC area? If so I think Ive seen that position advertised for quite some time now. If im not mistaken, I believe that is just a fancy term for a regular LPN slingin meds all day. I think at one time Brookdale was advertising a 'Resident Care Coordinator' for their memory support unit, which turned out to be an entry level LPN for their locked alzheimers unit. Not that that would be a bad position, im just saying maybe that company uses glittery labels for their openings to draw in more potentials. Be sure to ask why that position is open and good luck!
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    Thank you all for your responses. The way I was explained regardind the resident care Coordinator, it is more management type. I will be supervising Qmaps, do scheduling, tons of paperwork..... Also cover when there is not map to pass meds.
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    best of luck to you
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    What is a map?
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    Too bad nursing homes make you "sling meds all day" like that suggested hehe. If it weren't for that, I would work there in a heartbeat. Wish one would work with me and let me orientate longer or really sit down and TEACH me how to do admits/transfers/etc. Where can I find a good nursing home or ALF that takes time with you?

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