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State's frailest at risk in cost-driven system Nursing homes get bonus, despite deficiencies By CARRIE TEEGARDIN Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer THE BOTTOM LINE OF CARING Searchable information Read More

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    We took care of my Grandma at home. Will probably do the same for my Mom. Geez, I hope I get to stay home, too.

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    Makes me wonder what people are thinking. By putting your parents into "care" you are setting the standard for your own "care" when your kids have to look after you.
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    Last year we had a 6'000'000'000 (that's right 9 zero's) surplus. It is all gone and no-one know's on what. It wasn't planned for it just sprang out of no-where and went right back there. That is how great they are at planning. If you or I were to do our jobs like that we'd be out on our ear (is that an Australian expression?)
    I'm not saying y'all get everything right, just that you're at least trying ... :chuckle (e.g., govt. planning for old age care based on the census)

    And you heard about our surplus, right???????
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    If you save 1 million dollars for your retirement, you will be able to privately fund 12 years of nursing home care,medications and medicare co-pays. For that you will have a semi-private 10x12 cubicle. Your daily meals wills cost the nursing home less than a happy meal. If there is sufficient staffing, you may be turned and cleaned in your bed every 2 hours, you may receive a shower weekly and the medications you pay for may be brought to you.

    I know that there are nursing homes across the nation where caring staff make a huge difference in the lives of the frail elderly, Ive worked in one. However, the legal extortion of a person's life savings for this minimum care is America's shame. It isn't the staff, it's the big cats at the top who are profiting. God help us all as we age.
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    Mabey we should be like Sparta. Leave them on a hill and keep marching?

    I thought the deal was. You work hard, stay loyal to your country. Then in your twilight years your country returns the debt by staying loyal to you and working hard to keep you in good health.

    Or am I far to high up on the soap box?
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    Thought I would share this

    "He who would pass his declining years with honor and comfort, should, when young, consider that he may one day become old, and remember when he is old, that he has once been young."

    Joseph Addison (1672-1719)
    English essayist, poet, statesman
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    Quote from redwinggirlie
    We took care of my Grandma at home. Will probably do the same for my Mom. Geez, I hope I get to stay home, too.
    l follow the same theory

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