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...... that's all I want to know. I work my butt off at my job, I have 54 residents to watch over, I try to do my best job 99 percent of the time at least... I really do try very hard to get my... Read More

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    I know a nurse in a local LTC who was suspended for administering Advair to a resident for two days after the order ran out. And the stop date wasn't even listed on the MAR. This same facility suspended a nurse for missing two boxes in the treatment book. I really can't imagine what's going through the heads of such managers.why would you go through the expense of hiring someone only to suspend/fire nurses for such trivial BS?
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    I posted the "combative dementia pt" thread, so I feel your pain. It's almost impossible to stay out of trouble because, as someone mentioned, they're cranking out new nurses at a furious pace (so you can be replaced cheaper) and it seems that new rules are being added daily. Common sense doesn't seem to be at a premium, either. Some places are worse than others. Around here, nursing homes are the worst, while, at the hospital, they at least have a protocol and you get to say your piece. Don't get down on yourself; I can tell you're a great nurse.
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    It makes me feel better just to know that I'm certainly not alone or crazy;
    that this sort of thing happens everywhere.

    I do really love what I'm doing, so I suppose I'll just keep on keeping on
    as long as I can and keep doing the best job that I can. Don't really
    know what else to do.

    Thanks for the replies. =)
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    I know a very good LPN who had worked at a LTC for 3 years.He had no verbal warnings nothing in those 3 years. He got fired on the spot from the ADON who disliked him for some trivial BS. The good news is that one week later that same ADON got fired for firing him.
    After they fired that ADON, they actually called that LPN and asked him to come back to work. He said "No way"
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    Let me know if you figure that one out. I was at work tonight and found out another Nurse with far better nursing judgement than mine got fired. I have no idea why and will probably not find out. Every night I leave that place Im worried that I made mistake and Im going to get fired. The biggest problem I run into is that we need to make so many nursing judgments with no supervisor or management to consult. Working second shift and with no Doctor there, all I have is the advice I can get from other floor nurses. Im an LPN and a new grad. Every night I run into a new situation. Tonight I had a resident with s/s of a possible infection. I asked for advice, I was advised to put it in the Doctors book, but its Friday and they dont come until Mon. I will be working this weekend and passed on the info to the oncoming nurse to monitor the situation but I dont know what protocal is for most things. There isnt a guidebook.
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    Anne36, if you think it's a serious infection, CALL the doctor. Better to have him/her get a bit peeved than to have the resident suffer. And if he/she does get peeved there are remedies for that as well.Reading some of these posts, I think I must be one of the only sane, reasonable managers on the planet. Massachusetts is an at will state but that doesn't mean I can fire you because I don't like you. I've had to fire many people over the years and, honestly, there was always a very good reason. Youmight think the person is nice, but you might not know about all the mistakes they've made and all the chances they've had to improve. You might not know that they were accused of being abusive and I found the allegation valid.As for being suspended for giving a medication after it had been discontinued, I'd investigate the situation. If there were a systems problem,suspension would not bein order.if it were the nurse's fault, for sure he/she would at least get counseled and re-educated on how to pass meds.
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    It is really hard working on so many patients all at the same time. You should be proud that you lasted 6 months. If you really don't see yourself working in a LTC then you should really find another job. A job that will satisfy you as a nurse.

    I will be dealing with it soon, just got a job in Seattle and now I am really worried about what to expect. Even though I have friends that will help me in my job. But surely, it is going to be just me. I have to depend on myself.

    Good luck!!!!
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    Truthfully, I do like LTC. I love the residents...

    I'm eventually just going to look for a better LTC in my area. I worked at a really
    good LTC for a little under a year, but unfortunately I had issues with a resident
    there, and then the DON. If I would have known then what I know now, maybe
    I could have avoided the problems. Or, maybe not.
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    I have found that most time "getting in trouble" means a good talking to. It means pretty much nothing. It goes in your file and whoop-ti-do, nada. Life goes on. When the DON (and IF) she decides to reprimand you, ask her what she wants you to do in the future. Really, it seems the rules change constantly. How did the DON even get involved in this piddly 'incident'? What a waste of time and worry. LTC is full of petty wars. No matter where you go, so just keep your head down and work. The more times you change facilities then you are the new kid again. I think, better to stay put as at least you know this place. IMHO.
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    Quote from NurseCard
    ...... that's all I want to know.

    I work my butt off at my job, I have 54 residents to watch over, I try to do my best job 99 percent of the time at least... I really do try very hard to get my work done, get my charting done, plus just make sure everyone is okay.

    Last night I received a write up... because one of my residents, a lady with known behavior issues, dementia, non-compliance with meds... just returned from a stay at a psychiatric facility... called her roommate a b****, and I didn't report it RIGHT AWAY, at 6 o clock in the morning while I'm doing my med pass, to the DON. Attached to the write up was a post it note that said, essentially, "I'll decide what your consequence is after I review your file".

    I would understand reporting say, two men having a heated verbal altercation. Two women calling each other names.

    Anyway.... I just would never have guessed that this was reportable. I feel like I don't know anything sometimes. I feel like I completely lack that CYA mentality. I have a hard time seeing details; I see big pictures. It's the kind of person I am.

    I've been at this job almost six months and though I hate to, I've just got to find another job. I'd really love to go back to psych. *sigh* But as long as I'm in LTC, HOW do I stay out of trouble????????
    You got in trouble for THAT?
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