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We had a resident today ask the CNA to shave his pubic hair. When she declined he complained to the social worker. Really? We don't have enough to do?!? I suggested to the social worker she speak to... Read More

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    These are hilarious!!!! LOL!!!

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    Quote from Munch
    I had a patient who was in pretty bad looking shape after 1 day post op after having major brain surgery(bruised eye, blood crusted under her nose after having a nose bleed. blood showing through the bandages wrapped around her head and a few other unpleasant looking things). The patient wanted me to take numerous pictures of her(after I had brain surgery I did NOT want any pictures taken of me, I looked like a human punching bag) and when I changed her bandages she wanted to keep them. Of course before putting a new bandage on the patient wanted me to take multiple pictures of her large scar(she had a Frankenstein like scar). Every bandage she had changed she wanted to save. Oh and of course she wanted pictures with every staff member that came in her room(myself included), the house keeping workers, ANYONE that came into room...why would you want a picture with the person that brings you your meals?

    I guess she wanted them for her brain surgery scrap book?
    I was thinking...for her lawsuit scrapbook. The only way I'd let a patient take a picture of me is if I was in L&D, and even then, I'd try to escape.

    "See, your Honor, this is the first woman who ever held Little Jimmy, and he's been terrified of red hair ever since...I want a million dollars."
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    I've had strange requests before. The only time I will do what they ask is when they physically can't, as long as what they ask isn't inapropriate (like asking to hold a vibrator LOL that's a winner in this thread). When it comes to cream, if I have to insert it inside a woman, even though I am a woman, I always bring a female CNA. We have had patients with historys of molestation/rape and I do not want to trigger an old demented lady into thinking I am trying to hurt her and then have no witnesses to the situation. As for topical creams to the genital area I usually apply that myself mostly because the elderly are not so great at washing their hands :\ and it becomes a hassle. I will not put any cream anywhere unless ordered, if they have it ordered for their testicles, and want it on their penis. I will let them know I have to get an order for that first. Usually ends that issue.
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    There was this one woman where I work who always tells the CNAs that they have to put barrier cream up inside her vagina with there fingers. She also demanded the nurse come insert finger in anus to see if she was inpacted after three large loose BMs, and a big helping of MOM. Bleh... Ox4 and always threating to report too.

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