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At my facility the process is to take a resident's BP prior to administration of their anti-hypertensives x 7 days when they're first admitted. If the 7 days show they have normal or high BP ranges then it goes to a weekly BP... Read More

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    In my opinion, having parameters like that in LTC is not appropriate. If they are unstable enough to need it checked daily, then they probably shouldn't be in LTC. Also, 24 is a pretty light load in LTC.

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    I usually have to check their pulse before giving lopressor and there is a couple of residents now we have to take their BPs before giving the med. I think it's mandatory now per state regulation so we better get used to it.
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    State can not override physician orders.
    Many of what we think are state 'regulations' are company policies come about as a result of a poor survey.
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