New grad too stressed about the job- Is this normal?

  1. 0 Hi guys! This is my first time posting something on this section of the allnurses. Nice to meet you guys!! Currently I'm working a double weekend shift at a LTC facility and I care for 34-37 residents depending on the admission and discharges. At first, I considered myself lucky because I only work weekends totaling 32 hours a week but I get pay for 40 hours. Sounds great right? Here is a problem. I am always overwhelmed by amount of work that I have to do and feel like throwing in my towel every time I'm at work. I can't never get med pass on time and people are putting on their call lights screaming and yelling for the PRN pain meds and also have to do cluster call, incident reports, supervise aids in between. I often try to skip my lunch breaks working straight through 16 hours often 17-20 hours. It has been about a month and a half since I worked there but I haven't gotten down everybody's routine down yet since I only work weekends. Well... tomorrow is my 6th time working weekends and I have this massive anxiety coming through my head thus, I'm venting here.

    I like this schedule since I'm starting school next year (Jan/2013). But I feel like having this anxiety even through my time off is not worth the benefit. What should I do? Should switch to night shift? I'm totally lost Please experienced nurses or new nurses give me some advice. Pretty please...
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    I have worked 7-3, 3-11 and 11-7 and have found all to be stressful. However, for me personally I have found 11-7 shift to be the less stressful of the 3 shifts. Good luck.
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    I came on here looking for support as well. I can relate to what you are going through. Im a new grad at my first job, working part time, mostly weekends. Ive been at it about 1 month and feel anxious every time I go into work , a lot of it has to do with the time constraints of the job. I have less than 8 hours to do my job from report to report, and they want absolutely no overtime, they also dont want anyone charting off the clock. I felt like an idiot tonight, I was still within my shift, but had 1 tube feed left undone, I dont even think it registered with me that it was mine to give since I also had to give that client a dinner tube feed and meds, so in less than 8 hours I have to do that peg tube 3 times. I also have another client that is similar, diabetics, sick residents etc. I only had 20 residents tonight, but they were the most acute in the building. The Nurse to resident ratio is way too high for the type of nursing care they expect us to give. There is not even anyone to answer the phones! As if I really have time to take the personal phone calls for the residents, get them bring them to phone, etc.

    I dont know what I am doing wrong, because I noticed the other nurses had a lot more time for breaks, chatting, and even taking care of not so important tasks the CNA could do. I am not working slow by any means, I have drastically improved the time it takes me to do med pass, etc. Im moving way faster than anyone else I see and I only got a 15 min break one time, barely got all of my work done and had to clock out and clean up a few loose ends at the end of the night. (I should not be doing that)
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    Im about ready to go back to bed now that my kids are off to school. I had a really bad night, did not sleep well. Everytime I rolled over and was conscious, my mind would go right back to work and keep awake. Im exhausted, last night I worked second shift and did not get into bed until 1 am. I wish I could just leave work behind when I come home, but I worry about how my night went and if I made any mistakes, or if everyone is okay after I left, what the oncoming Nurse thinks about me, etc.
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    Me too I am also a new grad, its hard to get med pass on time, attending to acute issues, supervising aids, document in 8 hrs have (24 residents). Even when I do get a break I am so overwhelmed that I do some documenting. While the other nurses I work with always have time to chat w others, text, sit and finish w everything on time. I don't know how they do it.
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    When I first started at my current facility I too was overwhelmed. Although I had worked in LTC before, I did not know these residents and seemed to always be behind. It took months before I didn't feel stressed out everytime I went to work. It takes time to feel like you're not drowning. Some days the best thing I could say was that no one went to the hospital and no one died. Prioritize your work, organize and expect interuptions. Keep track of your successes and don't kick yourself for not being superhuman. All those nurse who have time to chat and text - ask them for help! Ask them how they organize their time and prioritize their tasks. Keep your chin up - it will get better.
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    This makes me not feel so bad! I received my LPN license in August and I have been working about 1-2 days a week since then. I was an aide in this nursing home for the past four years, and I thought the transition to nursing would be easy. I was wrong! I've only gotten out on time once since I've been a nurse, and I have never taken a lunch. Sometimes it takes me 3-4 hours for a single med pass. I feel completely inadequate and very frustrated! I'm currently in school finishing my ADN, and I've begun to question my career choice. Everyone at work says I'm doing fine, but it seems like they always have to pick up my slack. I hate it! It feels like I went from being the best aide to the worst nurse. Everyone tells me it takes time, and that's what I tell myself every day. Sometime I just want to cry though because I'm so overwhelmed. I haven't killed anyone yet, so I guess that's something positive. I just thought I would catch on a lot faster than I am. I'll pray for you if you pray for me! Good luck!
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    Quote from Anne36

    I dont know what I am doing wrong, because I noticed the other nurses had a lot more time for breaks, chatting, and even taking care of not so important tasks the CNA could do. I am not working slow by any means, I have drastically improved the time it takes me to do med pass, etc. Im moving way faster than anyone else I see and I only got a 15 min break one time, barely got all of my work done and had to clock out and clean up a few loose ends at the end of the night. (I should not be doing that)
    When I first started working, I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. I kinda realized like shortcuts and stuff, and now I usually have a little bit of downtime.

    It does help that my work is huge on taking our legally required 1/2 hr lunch break. You can't even punch back in a minute early.

    But sometimes, yes, you will have more time consuming patients than the other nurse. And other times they'll have more.
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    Yes it's normal to feel like this.
    Once you get your routine sorted you'll find you'll get things done much quicker.
    And learn to delegate to your aides - they can answer the bells, they can reassure your pts their meds are coming.
    And you really ought to take your breaks - working those hours without stopping for a breather could result in you making a mistake.
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    It took me 2 months and full time to feel comfortable. I no longer feel nausea prior to shift and don't have that "heat" feeling of being totally overwhelmed. I am faster now because I know the residents meds, but just when I feel confident the DON piles more work on me and here comes the feeling of being overwhelmed.
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    I am an "old grad" and still stress out! So don't feel too bad. For most people, I would say that this is normal. Don't let it get the best of you.
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    I have learned a few things that save time.

    1) Listen to bowel sounds and lung sounds while the BP cuff is working. These are blanks you must check off in the medicare nursing notes. Don't just sit there, do something!

    2) If your diabetics are hanging out in the dining room, go do your sticks in there. Then do the ones hanging out at the nurses station. Then go to rooms. If you can do one person's meds and stick at the same time - bonanza!

    3) Learn to get out of a room without appearing rude. Sometimes inching toward the door works, sometimes not.

    4) I like to go in a whiny patient's room and sit next to them and talk for a minute. It's worth it because it saves time down the road. A patient who is given time feels cared for. One who is brushed off will keep needing more and more. I once made a list for my neediest (emotionally) resident. It told her when she could next get pain medication, what time the next meal was, etc. I told her I would come check on her at a certain time and I did. It helped a lot.
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    Anne36 omg I'm in the same situation. I work 6am til 2pm most of the time I'm there until 330 I can't get all of the charting done and my hall has the most critical patients. Not to mention I'm a brand new nurse fresh out of school! I feel as if I can't keep up and I only had three days of orientation off for a week and back on the weekend alone!

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