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ok..I admit I combine med passes BUT I am a RN, so i assess, assess, assess. I space out bp meds, depakote doses, put IV ABTs on time, etc. However, some patients have like 2 meds, maybe a shot of insulin at 4:30 and then a... Read More

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    Lucky for me, that our facility finally decided to change med pass times on the "longest" hall. Long pass, difficulty getting residents to take, lots of VS parameters, etc. So now...the long hall has a 0800 and 1000 pass. It at least helps us not feel so stressed about staying in compliance regarding times.

    Don't you hate when a new order comes in and someone enters it at a time that makes zero sense? i.e., Resident has a 0800 med. And then nothing until Noon or 1400. So they put it at 1000? Folks just don't LOOK before putting a time and eventually you have people with meds at 8,9,11,12,2,4. Goodness!

    We need the consultant Pharm visit very much. It is time. We have a new DON, so maybe it's a good time to address the issue.
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