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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this thread. But I need help on tips to negotiate or talk about compensation in a LTC facility. I am a new grad and I have a meeting with a Director... Read More

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    My first RN job in a medi spa I started at $27. Just got offered a position at a subacute/rehab/LTC facility and starting pay with no experience is $32.
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    Quote from Snoopy54321
    I will try looking for RN job at snf facility around los angeles area.
    is it hard getting a job at snf? I will cry if I only get $20/hour,
    considering the pain and sleepless night I go through with my
    RN license. But some people get $ 8.00/hour???? It is not
    right treating a nurse.

    $8.00/ hr people are talking about 20 - 30 years ago.
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    I would not work as an RN for $8.00 an hour...I made $10.50 an hour plus tips making coffee...
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    The $8/hour was quoted, I believe, from someone who started YEARS ago. No licensed person works for that these days. I, and, yes, I guess I'm on the other side of young, started at $8/hr at the highest paying nursing home there was in 1982. When I moved to the hospital and was making $10.62/hr I thought I was bucks up.
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    I work at a competitively-paying nursing home in a large city in North Central Texas where new grad RNs are started at $30 hourly. Most nursing homes in the city where I live will offer a new RN a starting pay rate of $25 to $27 hourly.
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    I just took a job as a new grad on the subacute floor of a subacute/rehab/LTC in AZ. I get $28/hr during orientation, then $29/hr after that, with a $3 shift differential for working 2nd shift.
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    A rehab facility here in AZ was recently advertising for an RN with pay of $24-26/hr.
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    I just started my job in an LTC facility here in LI, NY. Since our facility is under a union i was offered $30/hr for 3 mos that I am under probation. After 3 mos my salary will increase to $34 and after a year it will be $35. Not bad! as a new nurse. They also pay differentials and over time and we get paid every week which is what I love!
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    I just got hired at a LTC/Rehab facility in Terre Haute, IN. I was slightly disappointed with $18/hr, but I have no leverage. (Just graduated). I spoke professionally and politely with the exec director and asked if my bachelor's degree in business or 1.5 yrs experience as a CNA were considered when calculating my rate. He'll have to, "Get back to me."

    Another new grad - RN got a job in LTC/Rehab in Greencastle, IN, and she got $20/hr. My cousin who works LTC/Rehab in Sacramento is at $33/hr. I guess it's all geography!!! And Terre Haute is the bottom of the barrel! )
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    After reading this I am glad that almost all facilities in my area are covered by our provincial union that sets the salary across the province. I will start as a new grad RN in LTC at $29.36 hr base pay + 13-14% in lieu of benefits + 4% vacation pay + shift premiums. Granted I live in an area of the province where the cost-of-living is relatively low, but if I lived in a bigger city I'm sure I'd be wishing for more too.
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    I recently accepted a job at a LTC in North Central Florida and was offered $25/hr as a new nurse.
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    Just recently accepted a job on a dialysis unit in a subacute/LTC place and will be making $28/hr with shift diff.
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    Quote from robinhiker
    I just started as a new grad in Colorado and the pay is $26/hr base pay and $27/hr for nights. I have heard of other new grads at other facilities getting $30/hr.
    I also work in CO and make 22/hr base and 2.75/hr incentive for nights... This is in a LTC facility.