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And am currently looking for a new job. Just a little background I work in a 75 bed LTC as an RN (it was the only job I could find right out of school) worked there for about a year and a half. ... Read More

  1. by   lindarn

    Forget about worrying about HIPPA! My mantra has been for years, make copies of ALL incident reports, and keep a home file for them. You DO not have to tell anyone what you did- just keep it as your little secret, until, or when, you need to to cover your but.

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
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  2. by   ProgressiveActivist
    when you see that the ethics (ethos) of your employer conflicts with your own, it's time to get out gracefully. Always be rehirable. stay on per diem even if you have no intention of setting foot in their dangerous sentinel event a month understaffed medicare defrauding facility ever again.
  3. by   IdianaCNA1993
    show the aide and the next shift nurse and posibly another nurse that is on your shift that you worte the reports have them walk with you to turn them in so then you can have people to back you up if you cant make a copy... or hand them in personally... or even write your self a note saying you turned it in and have your manager sign it if you can so then they cant say they dont remember.
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  4. by   KRudd2009
    It amazes me that this even happens at all and all these "mission Statements" at these places I say REALLY!!! They preach integrity and honesty and the management are the biggest liars cheats and down right pathetic losers of all!!! They would throw their own mothers under the bus to save their own hide! I have seen them fire CNAs for say its not my pt or write a nurse up because she said I am busy right now....This does not surprise me I am sorry it happened to you! One would think the DOCUMENTATION would back the nurse IF you did NOTHING about this then WHY were the interventions in place and the charting done and everyone who needed notified done and no report! I say BS the DON knows there is NO way possible that you followed protocol to the letter and then "forgot" to write a report! REALLY!!! Your DON and Unit Mang are both in the class of MORON!!!! I was a Unit Mang I resigned because I seem first hand how they are and the Unjust they did to employees!! For all the DON and UM out their you need to remember without your NURSES you will be back on the med cart yourself!! if in fact you have EVER done it at all! Praying for you girl and yes get out of their God forbide something big happen!

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