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How many residents is too many residents for one nurse to safely and adequately take care of? Where I work, the nurse has anywhere from 15-25 or 30 residents, depending on what floor/hall they are on. There is two nurses per... Read More

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    I'm a recent LVN grad and I just got my 1st official job as a nurse. Currently, I am caring for 60 residents. That is sooo insane!!! I've only been on the floor for 3days. I'm going crazy. Seriously, i'm very curious how many residents/patients is too many for a nurse?
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    Quote from tyvin
    ...make sure you know the code status of all residents.
    There's the rub... when you're responsible for the health and safety of a ridiculous number of human beings (and living in a lawsuit-happy world), you can't know enough fast enough. If it feels wrong, unsafe, overwhelming- stay away! I work in a hospital, so the ratios I hear in this forum freak me out. I know the level of care is different, but I would NEVER EVER EVER assume care of dozens of people. I thank you all for the heads up. Won't be searching the job listings for LTC facilities in this lifetime. If our society cares so much about our elderly, why is it so unwilling to pay for the care providers needed to do the job?
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    I worked for the first time last Sunday in LTC. The agency called me about 11:00 the night before and asked if I could take the 7-3 shift. I let them know I had no LTC experience. They assured me if I took the case I would receive orientation and help. that did not happen. I went early for that orientation. I should have left then. But I've never left a job. They did not exactly welcome me there and there was minimal help. Couldn't even find the CNA's. I had 32 patients. about 12 Bloodsugars, Insulin, feeding tubes. 3 very bad patients. One was sent out to the hospital. Worst experience of my life, and I will not go back there. Unfortunately now I am afraid to even try it again in any other facility. This should not have happened. Not only did I feel like my license could be in jeopardy, I was terribly concerned about the care the patients were getting, because this is the norm I was told and as I understand it. Something needs to be changed. There should be laws that restrict the number of patients a nurse is responsible for. There should be something else done. When you have a patient that is about to code, you need help. I don't know where to start with this but I do know something needs to change. In medicine you are suppose to help alleviate human suffering. Not cause it. These people are trapped. They are at our mercy. Our society needs to do more than try to sue the nurses, or the facility. They need to change the way the facility is managed and make sure the residents are taken care of. I am extremely upset about this. My mother was in LTC for a long time years ago. I wasn't a nurse then and did not understand why they couldn't take care of her. I am a nurse now, and I understand, and it haunts me.
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    In LTC I had 50+ residents, some very acute honestly. as it was LTC/SNF and my assignments were spread out over 2 floors. It was miserable. Never working LTC again I hope! The whol LTC system has to change. If a nurse has more than 8 patients, of any kind, ever, period (even ltc) they don't have time to give decent care. Sorry but it's true and we all know it.
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    An LTC was my ruin and I will NEVER EVER work in one again!!!!!
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    No Stars....are you working now? Did you give up nursing to work at Starbucks? Did you lose your license? Ruin is a rather strong word.
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    No interviews to any applications. Working as a CNA thru an agency. Have gone thru severe depression and just now stabilizing on new meds. Will make one more stab at applying at a few more places. UGH!

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