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I work full time in a LTC, and feel as if my faith in God has been crushed out of me. After a long day of resident's finger painting, repetative screaming, coma patients and the depressed look on many residents faces, I often ask... Read More

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    When my Dad was dying, we had him at home on Hospice. One day, our family priest came to give Dad last rights and communion. As I stood next to the bed, the priest offered me communion. I politely said, "No thank you, Father, I have not been to church or confession for ages so I cannot receive." The priest looked at me said, "You do God's work every day with the care you provide to the sick and elderly. Please accept communion for them and your father." Which I did, with tears streaming down my face for the kind and thoughtful message the priest had given me. I've been in LTC for greater than 36 years and I do believe its a calling. And I try every day to visit the activity and dayrooms to sing a song, hold a hand, give a hug, or just reminisce with the residents. It seems to bring a smile to even those faces who otherwise look depressed. I couldn't imagine myself ever doing anything else!
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    It's not E-Z! ;>)

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