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I am a GA LPN, originally. Due to personal reasons I relocated to NC. In GA I had no difficulty locating a job. I worked in the hospital which recruited me before I was even out of the program and graduated. In this area of... Read More

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    while i was working towards my rn i was still working a unit as an lpn. i work in ltc.when i was an lpn, i was frequently had the rn's coming up to me and asking how to do something. this was mostly d/t my being at the facilty longer than most of the nurses. because of dealing with being an rn and a lpn, i think that we need to come up with a test that one has to take before they get a position. actual legal license taken into consideration but don't let it be the only thing that determines qualification. i have seen some lpns work circles around rns and i have also seen rns work cirlcles around lpns. it comes down to the person, not the license. also to cover your butt make sure that you know your nurse practice act. that's especially important with what lpn's can and can't do.

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