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Last night was my first night of on-the-floor orientation for my first RN job, obviously a long term care facility since I'm posting here. I'm thankful to have had this board to scour before starting, so I had some idea of what... Read More

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    Congrats! It feels so good doesn't it. I still get a tingling feeling when signing my name. Proud RN!!!
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    As matter of fact. When I was in nursing school, I would take a blank piece of paper and practice signing my name LPN and RN. It was my motivation.
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    I've been a nurse for 7 months and I still feel like an imposter signing "RN" after my name. Congrats
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    I've been a RN for about 2.5yrs and still feel proud to sign that RN after my name. One of the best feelings of accomplishment I've ever felt. Yea for you!!!
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    We all had name pins that said "RN" on them but that part was covered up with adhesive tape and "GN" written in. The day my report came back I tore the tape off in the locker room, put on my scrub dress (we didn't wear tops and pants in those days...and did I really wear a 34-36?) and ran in to my PACU to work...and was put in the isolation room with a patient with some sort of infection, wearing a gown and all....and nobody could see my new RN. ::crushed sigh::

    But one of the nurses had caught a glimpse of it and engineered a little celebration for me when I came out for break. Bless you, Ginger Wlody, wherever you are. I will never forget you!
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    Congrats to you!
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    I'm starting my first job as an RN after being an LPN for 9 years. I am going to try really hard not to sign my name, then LPN!!!