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I have gotten reprimanded INTENSELY for writing a nursing note in regard to a patients fall. Of course all you LTC nurses out there have been in this are walking into a patients room and wa la...there they are... Read More

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    I'd be willing to bet that, one day, a resident fell and someone wrote an unsatisfactory note that happened to include the words 'found on floor'. Then, a surveyor came along and saw that note (we all know they have an uncanny ability to choose to review exactly the chart you wish could be lost in a fire or swept away in a flood or something ) and those in charge, instead of explaining why the note was unsatisfactory, made a rule that you must not say 'found on floor'.

    Or maybe they did explain why the note was unsatisfactory and maybe 'found on floor' was a bad choice of words in that particular situation but all that has been lost in the mists of time and all anyone remembers now is that the world will end if you write found on floor.

    Such is life in LTC!

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    I don't think this is anything new, I was told years ago to chart observed by a State surveyor, the implication of find/found is that the resident was somehow lost or missing. It became the expected phrasing where I worked in WA & OR and is what I've seen so far here in the SE.

    As for the 'reprimand' <shrug>
    "If it's not documented it wasn't done" applies to more than just patient care, verbal counseling/reprimands still have to be documented in writing.

    I'm sorry the OP was hassled, on the upside, s/he now knows what the employer expects when documenting falls (and possibly their rationale).

    Quote from lumbarpain
    You think all of the nursing homes in that same area would have gotten the same direction from the state about documenting correctly.
    Seemingly minor things like this usually get communicated during individual facility surveys. With NH Admins & DoNs being such a tightly knit group they often pass on information to others that they were given in their survey.
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    I used to work for Kindred and they came up with a list of words we were supposed to use:Adult diaper=protective undergarment (pu)Patient=guestAdmission= check inDischarge= check out Really?? The new terms lasted about half a day. Ridiculous as is writing someone up for using the woed found.To the have a future as a novelist!
    Too funny, it was during a survery at a Kindred facility (in WA) that the State surveryor told me/us not to use find/found.
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    You guys are the greatest. Thanks for your help on this matter. I think communication is so vital in the medical profession, yet given the telephone effect that we used to play in school, the same communication never turns out the same at the end resulting in confusion and vast negative results in the facility itself. I worked with many different foreign nurses with heavy accents and different ways of expressing their view on patient happenings. When you got report it was like you needed an interpreter like the United Nations has. But....we just forge onward and we do the best we can.
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    I was always told not to write found for the reason that others have stated..... the word "found" could be misconstrude that the resident/pt was actually lost. (which unfortunately does happen from time to time in LTC with wanderers ) I always write "Resident/pt was discovered laying right side on floor next to bed ..... yadda..... yadda..... yadda..."
    I actually had one supervisor give me a gold star when she did a chart audit because I charted that way!
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    Quote from lumbarpain
    I thought of this nurses note just for fun..

    ...This nurse wearing a white uniform with her hair tied straight back with a pair of new white and blue Sketcher sneakers on and a brand new shocking shade of glossy lipstick on, glanced into room 222 as she stood inside the badly painted door frame of the patients room as the call bell light flashed vigorously on and off above her head.

    She gazed across the well lit patients room where she Observed patient Mr. No name seated firmly with both buttocks securely adhered to the nice clean polished floor. His right arm extended across the top of the bed that had crumbs in all different sizes and shapes from Mount Rushmore to the Easter Island Statues resting on the hairs of his arm. Mr No Name was wearing brightly colored satin socks and a nice new pair of denim Gap jeans with freshly combed dark brown very thinning hair, smiling broadly without his dentures , as his ocean blue eyes sparkled with delight as I approached him cautiously, with enduring loving care. On the left side of the new automatic turbo bed the patient had bought personally for himself and delivered by Medical/Surgical was just purchased on May 15, 2012. The bed was freshly made by the CNA at 9am this morning with, a pale blue /a tasteful comforter bought from Pier One Imports with small teeny weeny flowers on them and a low sugar mint made by M&Ms place neatly on the pillow in a small Plastic Ziplock bag.

    He offered no complaints as I assessed him. He did comment on the distaste he had for the extremely runny farm fresh organic brown eggs and toast for breakfast which the kitchen had left neatly placed on his bedside tray table which was just cleaned with the facilities disinfectant that smelled like Mr. Clean. He stated that his Wonder bread white toast had crumbled in his arthritic stricken calloused in need of a manicure hand and the toast resembled the side of a burned down barn that just passed through a F5 Tornado that hit Jovi, Illinois back in the 70s at 4;30pm in the afternoon. He pointed to a pale pink soupy looking yoplait yogurt with chunks of indescribale lumps of possible dehydrated strawberries, low in fat and calories , which was poured generously ontop of his newly pressed pants resulting in a stain that Tide with bleach wouldnt get out. He smiled broadly without his new effervescentedly cleaned dentures made downtown at the bargain basement denture making factory located at 123 Maple Street near the dunkin donuts that burned down on Valentines Day back in 1999..

    His slippers were pushed out of his view under his bed by the housekeeper Shirley who came in very late this morning due to traffic on the expressway caused by a overturned Sausage company truck resulting in sausages all over the rain slicked highway during rushhour. While he shaved in the bathroom with his new Gilettle razor and Edge shaving cream he mistakenly sprayed the cream all over the new Sears water proof wallpaper that maintenance put up on May 1st 2012 at 12:30pm. He stated his balance went slightly off to the right when he bent down to see where they were under his bed. His one strand of hair on his balding head had dropped over his one left cataract stricken eye which Doctor Eyestein had examined on March 3rd who stated to continue eye drops as previously ordered, as his legs bent on a 90 degree angle, he felt a tightness in the crouch part of his pants causing a shift of his (not changed yet by the aide) diaper impairing his ability to properly coordinate his right knee which turned toward the sunlite window of his room making his legs weak like a wet noodle so he stated. He also said that his washable well intact On 'sale Walmart bunny slippers that were a cool blue with non skid soles and funny bunny ears.."had hopped away from me" disturbing his morning routine and making him depressed which he refused medication for. He also questioned how could bunnies hop without any legs? Referring to his slippers. Will call and inform Dr Psycholo on that statement in 5.5 minutes from now.
    While I attended to his now disgusting dried up yogurt on his pants, I had noticed that 2 hours had passed since I had walked through that badly painted patient room door with the call bell flashing vigorously over it, that had the patient sitting on the floor with both buttocks securely seated to the nice clean polished floor wearing brightly colored socks. etc etc etc........Hope you all enjoyed this.!!!!!....thank The Lord we dont have to be so detailed.!!!!!!!!!
    THAT has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read!!!!! ROFLMBO!!!!
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    Ok, with everyones help here the 3 words that can describe a patients fall in NNs are.....".Found"( which I will never use again)
    "discovered",(great word, never thought of that one) and" Observed".......Thanks Lumbarpain
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    ps, glad you guys enjoyed my little tidbit of a Overblown Ficticious Funny Nurses Note. We need to laugh more in this world......Truly, we do.
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